The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Fred Thompson Notices The Dots

by Smitty Fred Thompson notices that health care policy, Wall Street policy, immigration policy, and energy policy all seem to have substantial events happening kind of close. No mention of Toyota and the auto industry takeover. Fred falls short of connecting those dots in any way. Paul Krugman and the hapless TrogloPundit (separated at birth?) […]

Other PA-12 Blogging From Christopher Renner At Red State

by Smitty Christopher Renner is also on the PA-12 case, posting at Red State and his own digs, including a map of what a train wreck the layout of the PA-12 district has become under the Murtha tenure. Maybe I should walk that back: I don’t live there, and the citizens of PA may think […]

PA12: Canary in a Coal-Mining District

Charlie Cook explains why this May 18 special election is so crucial: With the midterm elections now just six months away, are Democrats’ prospects improving? Not really. For every hopeful sign they get, several others — usually the more telling ones — point the other way. . . . This month could provide important clues […]

Shocker: David Frum Backs Marco Rubio?

Somewhat less surprising than if Charles Johnson or Conor Friedersdorf had endorsed him, but surprising nonetheless: Crist continues to lead the polls. I expect that lead to fade as Republicans rally to Rubio and independents question the grounds for Crist’s candidacy. I  hope that translates into a Rubio win, but I worry that a Rubio candidacy will […]

PA12: Tim Burns vs. Murthanomics

From my latest column at The American Spectator: Murtha’s ghost looms large over the 12th District, which sprawls in a bizarre gerrymander over a predominantly rural area stretching from the southwestern corner of the state up to Ebensburg in Cambria County, a three-hour drive away. The crab-like geographical outlines of the erstwhile dominion of Murthadom, however, […]

Right Network Has Solid Gold Righteous Ideas

by Smitty (h/t Ace) We have to see if this can help refute Dan Riehl’s recent handwringing, but I think that Right Network could have a profound impact on the midterm election: The preview strikes a personal chord. As with these candidates, there is a feeling that I have to blog. My motives differ strongly […]

Charlie Crist And The Backpack Of Conservative Principles

by Smitty Dan Riehl reports that Charlie has been kicked to the curb by the NRSC website. Cheech and Chong do a fine rendition of a Crist figure trying to convince a webmaster that he’s packin’ the gear. More from Cassie: Heh: Charlie Crist’s flip-flop makes John Kerry look like the Rock of Gibraltar. And. […]

PA12: Timing Is Everything; UPDATE: Video of Democrat’s ‘Apology’ Added

With 19 days until the May 18 special election in Jack Murtha’s former district, the GOP’s Tim Burns gains momentum: It’s been a very good week for Burns, who was featured Tuesday on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show and got a big push Wednesday from Newt Gingrich. Polls have shown the PA-12 contest “neck-and-neck,” as Burns campaign manager […]

We Now Interrupt This Blog . . .

. . . for an urgent news announcement: MICHELLE MALKIN IS NOT WHITE She is, however, supreme: In an unrelated news development, Charlie Crist is brown. Like toast. MARCO RUBIO FOR U.S. SENATE

Bad Food As A Legislative Metaphor

by Smitty It always starts rather innocently, doesn’t it? Somewhere around “There oughta be a law” or “I have a cunning plan”. And then what happens? Some jacknut sees that mitigated disaster of an idea and says “What the world needs right now is an unmitigated disaster” Now, while it’s a good thing that the […]

PA12: Palin Picks a Winner

What do you do when you’re a Republican in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, and you’ve just stomped Nancy Pelosi’s handpicked Democrat into smithereens in a public debate for the congressional seat formerly held by the late Jack Murtha? Tim Burns headed straight to Coney Island Lunch for the world-famous “Sundowner” burger: The Johnston Tribune-Democrat story about the debate is so […]

Democratic Wreckage Report: Blanche Lincoln

by Smitty Liberty Pundits bring the schadenfreude for the Senator from Arkansas. Out on the left coast, where redeeming the Congress will require perhaps greater effort, Valley of the Shadow is attending a Republican debate, and plans to report tomorrow on who is packin’ the gear in the effort to oust Waxman. Also your attention […]

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