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Posted on | September 9, 2010 | 35 Comments

MIRACLE! Dave Weigel reports that Sarah Palin just called into Sean Hannity‘s radio show to officially endorse Christine O’Donnell in the Delaware GOP Senate primary.

Answered prayer! Is it too little, too late?

UPDATE: From O’Donnell’s Twitter feed:

UPDATE II: Matt Lewis notes: “So far, Palin has not commented on her Facebook page or Twitter feed.”

UPDATE III: Ian Lazaran at C4P promises audio of the endorsement soon. I just got off the phone with O’Donnell campaign manager Matt Moran, who says he’ll get me a telephone interview with Christine.

UPDATE IV: Will Ace of Spades be eating crow?

UPDATE V: Sarah Palin’s biggest gamble.

Somebody pointed out that the Delaware presidential primary in 2012 — Feb. 7 — will be one of the early ones on the calendar. Probably just a coincidence.


  • Mike LaRoche

    Enjoy your retirement, Congressman Castle.

  • section9

    Well, I’ll be damned.

    You have to admit it, Palin has a pair. As if we didn’t know already. The question of course, is whether or not Ace is right: is she too damaged to go out and beat up Coons in the fall campaign, or can she pull a Sharron Angle, recover, and campaign like madness.

    Palin must have seen something that the others didn’t see and decided to take the plunge. You must admit, she’s the only risk-taker out there.

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  • Sissy Willis

    God — and Sarah — moves in mysterious ways.

    I got a thrill running up my leg at the news (on Twitter)!

    Can’t wait to hear your forthcoming radio interview.

    Always loved your midsummer poolside play with O’Donnell. Hats off to DaTechGuy.

  • Joe

    Sarah Palin is not the RNC (yet) so this sort of endorsement is okay.

    Obviously O’Donnell likes it.

    Does Delaware have wide spread use of mail in ballots, regular polls, or both?

  • Joe

    If Ace ever gets married, here is a lovely wedding gift idea.

    Actually any guy getting married probably needs that gift just as a reminder that he will be eating it regularly.

  • Lisa Graas

    Good job, Sarah.

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  • Terry in GA

    If Ace ever gets married, he needs to learn that one must never underestimate the powers of a woman. “Yes, dear” is always an appropriate response and one Ace should practice before the wedding day.

  • William

    Stacy helped me like O’Donnell before liking O’Donnell was cool.

    And Sarah obviously spent a little time doing research before making an official announcement, good for her.

  • Ben (The Tiger)

    When I hear about a Palin endorsement, it’s a positive.

    Don’t always follow them, but it makes me take a second look at a candidate…

  • section9

    One of the Atlantic guys is saying this is payback to the Tea Party Express for Joe Miller. Apparently they arrived in AK after Miller was convinced by Palin to go forward and they gave Miller the shot in the arm, financially, he needed to go forward.

    Now, with Christine on fumes and the TPE having committed in late August, Sarah is paying them back for Joe. This is a risk, but if true, it just shows she returns favors. Not a bad business risk.

    RSM may have more to say about this timeline, but it sounds reasonable to me.

  • Dan

    Ya know, when it comes to 2012 nomination there are the tea party/grass roots conservatives and the more moderate establishment types. Sarah holds on to the vast majority of the grass roots support, and then that leaves the other candidates to divy up the establishment support. The math works in her favor.

    She will not be hurt if O’Donnell loses. The media will try, but they always fail.

  • Maggie Thornton

    Good job keeping Christine on the front burner.

    Linked at

  • jefferson101

    Even though I’m not altogether sure about Palin as a “Candidate”, I love her role as a rabble rouser.

    And I’m among the rabble, on this one.

    We’ve got more 50% Republicans than we need already (COUGH-McCain-COUGH). If another one of Mark Steyn’s DIABLO’s is the best we can do, why not go out with a bang. Castle will sell us out on anything important anyway.

    Ms. O’Donnell: You go, Girl!

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  • Estragon

    Surprising – isn’t the primary next Tuesday? Pretty late in the game.

    But not a shock, as Palin also endorsed Rand Paul, who is pretty far out there.

    My guess is that all the endorsements in primaries, taken together, are a sign Palin isn’t planning to run in 2012. Potential candidates don’t make the rounds in the preceding midterm pissing off half the party in a dozen states.

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