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What Line Did Sady Doyle Cross?

Posted on | December 26, 2010 | 6 Comments

Today I got a Tweet from the feminist who started the #MooreandMe campaign against Michael Moore. You will recall that Moore went on Keith Olbermann’s show and dismissed as “hooey” the rape accusations against WikiLeaks mogul Julian Assange. And when Sady Doyle started her Twitter campaign against Moore, my headline was, “Merry Christmas, America: Feminists Attack Michael Moore as ‘Rape Apologist’ Over Swedish Case Against Julian Assange.”

Certainly it was encouraging that Doyle (and other feminists, including Melissa McEwan) suddenly recognized what conservatives have known for years: Michael Moore is an obxnoxious hypocrite, the Hindenburg of liberalism, inflated with the gas of his own self-righteousness. And if this was to be his implosion at Lakehurst, well . . . “Oh, the humanity!”

But then Doyle went after Moe Tkacik, a writer for the Washington City Paper who had ridiculed the accusations against Assange. This was a different thing altogether, and I treated it differently. So then Doyle sent me this Tweet:

OK, boys and girls, why is trying to get Moe Tkacik fired a different thing than a public shame campaign against Michael Moore?

  • Michael Moore is a wealthy award-winning filmmaker.
  • Moe Tkacik is a young writer for a weekly tabloid paper.
  • Ergo, even if Moore and Tkacik had committed the same ideological “sin,” Moore was merely being embarrassed, whereas the attempted destruction of Tkacik’s career was an act of sadistic cruelty.

Also, Moe Tkacik is a girl. And picking on girls is mean. 

While I might sometimes be guilty of picking on girls — because nobody gets a free pass in the blogosphere — you’ll notice that I generally couch such criticism in gentle good-humored sarcasm.

Sady Doyle should stop picking on girls.

Now run along, sweetheart, and fetch me a cup of coffee.

Meanwhile, Donald Douglas has the latest developments in the Assange/feminist meltdown.

UPDATE: Julian Assange signs $1.3 million book deal.


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