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The First-Ever Dan Collins Chubby Chaser Pre-Super Bowl Overnight Open Thread

Posted on | February 5, 2011 | 28 Comments

It gets lonely on the Island of Misfit Bloggers, where our good friend Dan Collins at Piece of Work in Progress has been heard to complain that he gets linked so infrequently, it’s worse than being chopped liver.

He’s not even the rye bread on a chopped-liver sandwich, nor the side order of chips that comes with a chopped-liver sandwich combo lunch.

He is, at best, the mere dill pickle spear on the plate.

Dan’s feeling so low on the blogospheric totem pole that we need to do something to lift his spirits. And so in his honor, I’ve decided to do something I’ve never done before, an overnight open thread.

Why have we never done this before at The Other McCain? Well, when I first started full-time blogging in 2008, there were so few readers that I’d go for days at a time without any comments at all. Also, since I’ve stolen at least 37% of my blog shtick from Ace of Spades, it would have been pushing my luck to also steal the “Overnight Open Thread.”

However, tomorrow is the Super Bowl™ and it’s the kind of once-a-year occasion that deserves to be commemorated in a special way. That’s why last week, I announced the First Annual Dan Collins Plus-Size Dream Girl Lingerie Show. My plan had been to debut the champion chubby at halftime of Sunday’s game, but I realized the anticipation was starting to become unbearable for Dan. Therefore ladies and gentlemen — may I have the 11×17 oversized envelope, please — it is my honor and privilege to inform you that we have a winner!

You may be wondering, “Hey, where’s the lingerie?” Trust me, she’s wearing some. It’s just that the view is slightly obstructed.

So all you Misfit Bloggers link this post, and link the Chubby Chaser, and everybody can link and analyze the latest news down in the comments.

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