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Tommy Christopher’s New Assignment: Covering Speaker Boehner’s Resignation

Posted on | September 2, 2011 | 32 Comments

Neutral Objective Headline of the Day:

Speaker John Boehner Should Resign For
His Unprecedented Insult To The President

That’s from Tommy Christopher at Mediaite, who adds:

The media, meanwhile, ought to abandon its fetish foe false objectivity, and recognize the facts. All parties agree the President gave the Speaker sufficient notice, and I cannot think of another president in history whom the media would suggest should have been preempted by a routine political debate, certainly not in a time of national crisis. The media is complicit in the insult through its failure to recognize this.

While I’m not familiar with Tommy’s term “fetish foe false objectivity,” I certainly do not believe that journalists must be strictly neutral in every political conflict. However, a tendency toward emotional hysteria is not generally desireable in this line of work.

Tommy: We are talking about the scheduling of a speech.

As for the “time of national crisis,” it hasn’t even impinged on the president’s golf schedule. The matter of postponing his World-Historic Address to a Joint Session of Congress — “Four score and seven revised-downward jobs reports ago . . .” — from Wednesday to Thursday hardly seems the kind of “unprecedent insult” that would require the resignation of the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Jim Hoft accuses Tommy of a “hissy fit.”

Another Unprecedented Insult! In a Time of National Crisis!

Jim Hoft must resign from the blogosphere!


  • JeffS

    President Obama should resign for his unprecedented incompetence and nearly non-stop insulting of Americans, America, and American exceptionalism.

    That would leave Joe Biden in charge, of course, but at least we would a comedian in the Oval Office, instead of a clown.

  • JeffS

    President Obama should resign for his unprecedented incompetence and nearly non-stop insulting of Americans, America, and American exceptionalism.

    That would leave Joe Biden in charge, of course, but at least we would a comedian in the Oval Office, instead of a clown.

  • Mark Reardon

    A glance at my keyboard suggests that Tommy’s term “fetish foe false objectivity” probably should have been “fetish for false objectivity”.
    I think we might all agree that, in this instance, an army of editors might have improved Tommy’s post in Oh so many little ways.

  • Anonymous

    That’s a typo. I’m sure “fetish for” is what was intended. Mediaite is vehemently opposed to copy editing. Apparently, there’s an upside to copy that appears to have been written by a drunken high school freshman, though I’ll be damned if I know what it is.

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  • Mike


  • Adjoran

    Tommy Christopher has been sooooo busy covering the Weiner weiner story that he just hasn’t kept up with the rapidly changing fashion world.

    Thongs are OUT now, Tommy – you can get some panties that won’t ride up like that.

  • Mike

    Actually, he was so busy trying to uncover a big “scoop” that turned out to be a big embarassment,that he disappeared in shame. Time to do that again, TC.

    And, his spellcheck must be out of “whack”, because I think he meant is “fetish FOR false objectivity”

  • Charles

    Let’s remember that the previous speaker, Nancy Pelosi, insisted on dictating large portions of Obama’s speeches, most pointedly the “robust” public option that the public didn’t want.

    And Pelosi dragged out the Obamacare debate for months and months when Congress should have been focused on jobs. Boehner only suggested Obama delay the jobs speech one day with none of the strident insistence on the content of the speech that characterized the Pelosi speakership.

  • Anonymous


    Suck it, Tommy.

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  • Chuck Coffer

    I’ll bet Boehner hasn’t even pressed his lips to wee Lord Brakabama’s bare ass…because he hates the browns he does.

  • DaveO

    President Obama was so upset, he left the White House today to go to a retreat.

    More than likely, someone at Mediaite reminding Christopher where the bread and butter comes from.

    What folks won’t ever talk about: the cost of logistics to support the GOP debate at the Reagan Library, which required a very long lead time. The POTUS “just coincidentally” scheduling a speech we’ve already forgotten about is petty, and defending the POTUS pathetic.

  • Christy Waters

    Shouldn’t it be the President who resigns for his dereliction of duty, since he was vacationing during “a time of national crisis”?

    I wish he had delivered his speech up against the GOP debate. His getting beaten in the ratings (unofficial poll) would’ve been a national embarrassment, and a delightful source of amusement for me!

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  • ThePaganTemple

    Somebody should tell the Democrats that nobody cares much about watching the reruns of programs that were mediocre at best the first time they played.

  • Anonymous

    Little Tommy is pretty confused about who acted irresponsibly in this instance. The president made an announcement about holding a speech to congress without checking with congress. In my opinion that shows some measure of disrespect. Sure, the president is technically senior to the speaker. However, seniority doesn’t always mean someone is your boss. I served in the Navy for 25 years. On my last couple ships one of my responsibilities as senior enlisted guy was to coordinate ceremonies. I may have been senior to the Chief cook, but I did not schedule something to occur on the mess decks without discussing it first. Same with any other division on the ship. Basic respect says the guy with responsibility for a space be involved with scheduling something in that space. Beyond the respect factor, you don’t want to use wrong space at wrong time. If major maintenance is happening in the hangar bay it’s probably a bad place to have a ceremony. In the case of the president not consulting with the House it was either a matter of pettiness or incompetence neither of which is a character trait desired in a president.

  • Bob Belvedere

    Is it just me or does it seem that there’s a lot of hissy-fitters on the Left?

  • Bob Belvedere

    …a comedian in the Oval Office, instead of a clown.

    And there is a difference that’s inportant.

  • Bob Belvedere

    Sure, the president is technically senior to the speaker.

    Ah…no: they’re co-equals in demestic matters.

  • Franklaughter

    What about when GOP presidents were denied air time by networks (ABC, CBS and NBC) because agenda-driven executives decided the speeches were “not worthy” of live broadcast in prime time?

  • Anonymous

    I’m not convinced, clowns do have some skills and children at least find them funny….or get to throw ice cream at them when their not.

  • Anonymous

    Do you have any examples of this, that would certainly add to the story.

  • JeffS

    What, you’ve never heard of coulrophobia?  It exists because there are evil clowns in the world.

    Evil comedians?  Not so much.

  • Gregory Chafin Wallace

    I googled a number of combos on that subject and couldn’t come up with anything. I don’t doubt that it happened. I just need to dig deeper.

  • Anonymous

    Has Tommy dearest bothered to google Reagan/O’Neil 1986? When Tip O’Neil refused to let President Reagan speak to the House period?

    Oh, I guess that doesn’t count, after all there’s and “R” after Reagan…

  • JeffS

    You just noticed?  Those suckers have been around before Ted Kennedy was told he would never be President.

  • The Watcher

    I heard a rumor that Tommy was so upset when he heard what Boehner did he bit right through his pacifier and they had to get him another one.

  • Dave C

    So what you are trying to say is that Obama is a Stuttering Clusterf*ck of a Miserable Failure?  

  • JeffS


  • Anonymous


         You’re almost right. The three branches of government (executive, legislative and judicial) are all co-equal. However, the leader of half the legislative branch is not co-equal to the president. The Speaker of the House is third in line for the presidency. The president is not in line to fill any other position.

  • Dave C

    Try googling this instead:  SCOAMF…