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Publius: You Can’t #OccupyJupiter

Posted on | October 25, 2011 | 14 Comments

by Smitty

This is way off:

Occupying Jupiter would take work, or something st00p3d like that. Via MNR.
Ironic: OWS Protesters Complain About Homeless Not Pulling Their Weight

Update: Paco-lanche!


  • Joe

    Where’s the space program when you need it? 

  • richard mcenroe

    I say we boycott Mars, them warmongering bastids!

  • Joe

    As a close alternative ( and in an attempt to save rocket fuel and increased CO2 in the atmosphere) maybe the OWS protestors can crawl over and occupy the fat belly of Michael Moore? 

    Of course if he farts, it could kill half the people in lower Manhattan and would off set any CO2 benefit.   

  • Anonymous

    We don’t actually have to have the ability to send to Jupiter. We merely need to convince them that the large tube with the fuse at the lower end will launch them get them to where they should be.

    Hobbits March.

  • Paul Joslin

    Smitty, I commend your self control, posting this and not mentioning our  solar system’s penultimate planet…

  • richard mcenroe

    Hot Venusian girls are waiting to take YOUR call at 1-900-976- Spacysexy…

  • richard mcenroe

    I don’t know about Smitty but I think I chipped a tooth fighting down the urge…

  • jwallin

    However you can #occupy Uranus. 8)  {tee hee}

    And NO it’s not the penultimate planet.

    I grew up with Pluto being a planet and I’m not going to let some pointy headed pocket protector wearing pedant say it’s not a planet.

  • Anonymous

    Saturn. Saturn is the real problem.

  • McGehee

    WE ARE THE 87.5%!!!

  • Bob Belvedere

    As Andrew Sullivan would no doubt tell you: Uranus is the problem!

  • richard mcenroe

    And apparently I resisted the urge in vain…

  • Bruce

    Yes, we students of Paco Enterprises are here to study the business opportunities on Jupiter. ‘2001 Space Odyssey’ informs me that a population of large black obelisks exist there, perhaps useable as building materials. 

  • Quartermaster

    Killing half the people in Manhattan would probably fall under the head of civil improvements.