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Newt Meets the Media in Nashua

Posted on | January 6, 2012 | 24 Comments

Massive media mayhem here at the Hillsborough County Republican Party dinner at the Crowne Plaza, where Newt Gingrich was swarmed by the press:

Rick Santorum also spoke, but I’ll upload that later.


  • EBL

    I do not agree with Andrew Sullivan on very much, but I did find this quote (while hyperbolic) quite entertaining: 

     “Gingrich is a festering white-head of loathing. Which is why his smile looks so terrifying and false.”  

  • chuck coffer

    I like Newt Gingrich. I always have. He’s a neat guy.

  • Kent@TheDysfunctionJunction

    I still think Gingrich would do the best job as President, but I’m afraid his campaign may have jumped the shark.  If Romney wins South Carolina, I’m convinced Gingrich will be making some calls and make sure Romney isn’t around for the January 31st Florida Primary, if you know what I mean.  As much as he likes to name drop The Gipper, I wish he embodied his lovableness a little more.

  • Drek

    Of course a flamer would find Gingrich “terrifying.”

    Who cares what flamers think or say?

  • Dan

    It didn’t jump the shark so much as he got thrown into a pool with starving sharks, and he barely escaped with his skin.

    The establishment is frightened of him for a reason, for they know he is the one guy who will impose real change on Washington.

    If you don’t want change, then you don’t want Gingrich.

    The establishment doesn’t want change, thus they don’t want Gingrich.

    And KENT, Reagan was able to be affable because he had guys who were ferocious doing his bidding, and one of those guys was Gingrich.  Reagan never had to fight his own party up on the Hill just to try to make his party the majority.  Reagan never had to fight Clinton to impose budgetary restraint on a very unwilling establishment.

    Reagan’s task was much easier in many ways than that of Gingrich.

    There’s simply no way this country gets turned around without some conservative scorching some earth inside the Beltway.

    That’s just the way it has to be.

    And the sooner we unleash Gingrich on the entrenched bureaucracy and bureaucrats the better for all of us.

  • Lisa Graas

    Will I get extra credit for watching this video or is it just here to fill up space?

  • Lisa Graas

    P.S. I’m totally swiping that Rick Santorum ad/image in the sidebar there.

  • Anonymous
  • lonely conservative

    A Reagan conservative would not have endorsed Dede Scozzafava or shilled for Freddie Mac.

  • chuck coffer

    From what corner of your imagination are you being told that Gingrich “shilled” for Freddie Mac?

  • Adjoran

    If you believe for one second they paid him $25,000 a month for years to tell them history stories, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn I just KNOW you’ll be interested in.

  • Adjoran

    Gingrich IS the DC establishment.  It’s why Freddie Mac hired him.  It’s why after the real Reagan conservatives booted his worthless ass out of the Speakership, instead of going home to Georgia he bought a house in Northern Virginia to be close to the power he so covets.

  • Tennwriter


    I’m still okay with Gingrich because I’m willing to accept a lot of error for a general right direction.

    But, happy that Santorum who looks even better is the nominee.

  • Bob Belvedere

    Dcmick, is that you?

  • Anonymous

    Chuck hates it when I mention to him that words mean things. Maybe he’ll like it better when I mention it to you.

    Words mean things.

    You’re using “shill” as a verb, so you’re either saying that Gingrich posed as a customer of Freddie Mac in order to entice others to become customers too, or that he at least publicly praised Freddie Mac for purposes of promoting it.

    Got any evidence at all that he’s ever done either one of those things?

  • Adjoran

    Did I use the word “shill” at all?  I don’t think so.  But he was paid for his potential influence in ways that aren’t legally “lobbying” and he must have delivered, else they wouldn’t have kept him on and rehired him a couple years later.

    But if you want to believe they paid him to teach them history, go ahead.

  • K-Bob

    But is the bridge still available?

  • Anonymous


    Sorry about that — I see now it was Lonely Conservative who referenced “shilling.”

    I have little doubt that Gingrich was selling influence, not history lessons.

    The narrow point I was making was that what he was doing was not “shilling,” which is inherently a public activity.

    I just made that point at the wrong person 😉

  • K-Bob

    With no Georgia dialect, unless he wanted to have one.

  • FenelonSpoke

    That’s rather funny coming from Sullivan whose  loathing  obsession with Sarah Palin’s uterus  went on and on and on…..

    I see quotes elsewhere about what a monster  Gingrich is. Not in that clip.

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  • ThePaganTemple

    If Newt is the establishment as you say he is, why is the establishment determined to bury him alive?

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