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I Am Joe

Posted on | February 29, 2012 | 4 Comments

by Smitty

Samuel “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher continues to be the everyman who gets roped into he limelight. Joe, like this blog, was on the Cain train, and has fallen short of endorsing anyone else for the GOP nomination. But Joe was somewhat conspicuous at a Rick Santorum event. . .

Go, Joe! You’re an inspiration to us all, sir.


  • ThePaganTemple

    Wow, I’m really surprised the Cleveland Plain Dealer endorsed him, and the Toledo Blade. Now that’s the kind of guy we need more of in Congress.

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  • Adjoran

    Hey, I like the guy a lot, but he isn’t being “roped into the limelight” – he’s running for Congress!  Good for him getting the free publicity, but it is hardly involuntary, and he isn’t endorsing anyone (per the link provided).

  • ThePaganTemple

     He was roped into the limelight the second you first heard his name mentioned, when a mere private citizen asking a completely legitimate question of a presidential candidate was demonized by the national media and leftist agitators.