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Political Clown Parade: Please Don’t Jack Up The Unemployment Figures

Posted on | April 17, 2012 | 18 Comments

by Smitty

And so Bob ‘beckled’ himself on Hannity. ‘It happens when you party, Democrat-style. I liked Political Clown Parade‘s reaction:

I despise the guy and make no bones about it, but firing him would deprive us of witnessing his hoof-and-mouth disease as his regularly makes fools out of the current regime.

Don’t worry, Curmudgeon: idiocy, like weeds in the lawn, doth spring eternal.

Sissypuss the Blog Kitty reports hearing rumors that this means Beckel is definitely out for the as the new Fred Rogers for the Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood revival this fall. Apparently their backup plan is Ed Shultz. What could possibly go right?


  • Adobe_Walls

    Due to my new circumstances I don’t have cable or any TV, what a blessing.

  • ThePaganTemple

    Everybody on Fox seems to really love that guy for some reason.

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    I can’t see it myself.  He is not funny, not smart, and generally offensive.  He is a good representative for the Democratic Party.  

  • Garym

    “He is a good representative for the Democratic Party.”
    This is exactly why we need to keep him around. If he is what the Dems want to represent them, then he needs to keep talking. 

  • Adobe_Walls

    OT: We can probably look forward to seeing this video again for a while.

    Our old friend Bob Etheridge (and my former congressman) is leading Lt. Governor Dalton 26 to 15 in a PPP poll of the democratic primary for governor of NC.

  • richard mcenroe

     Does Beckel actually go on that show sober?

  • A Guy From Lithia Springs

    BB was a force back in the day when he was on the old Cross fire program on CNN.   I’ve watched a few of his appearances on Faux News and its clear the old warrior has lost a step, in addition to being outnumbered at least 2-1 on any program he features.   It has to suck being a token liberal on a network  run for, by and about conservatives.    But it was his choice.

  • Anamika

    Doesn’t that steel superstructure overhead interfere with your Internet signal? 

  • Anamika

    No matter how many castles or ramparts one builds with

    shit —

    it still stinks …….

  • Adobe_Walls

    No I’m not a troll and therefore live neither under a bridge or in a cave.

  • Adobe_Walls

    Yes, he’s a 12 stepper and claims to have been sober for more than a decade. I once heard him remark that he was still taking antabuse which indicates he is still struggling.

  • Adobe_Walls

    Lessons from your recent home improvement project?

  • Garym

    I guess looking at Fox News through your commie pinko eyes, everyone looks conservative.

  • Anamika

     I guess there are exceptions to every rule…

    The Dagara tribe of West Africa build their houses (actually, they’re called compounds) out of shit. From what I’ve read, if you live in a house made of shit, it does not stink. Not to the person living in it. I suspect if it were really offensive to them, and they had the resources, they’d live inside something else. But to the Dagara, it’s just home sweet home. 🙂
    There’s something more to get out of this story:
    Ordinary thinking, common ideas – like, “I can change my mind.” and “We can change the world.” and all the religions and political systems built around those ordinary, common, faulty ideas — are the shit-houses everybody lives within. To them, everything smells just home sweet home, but to the uncommon thinking human, it all smells to high heaven.

    If one’s own ordinary shit-house doesn’t smell (at least as bad as everybody else’s shit-house that does), then perhaps it’s time to look into one’s own capacity for olfactory perception.
    (Staying strictly within this analogy of the Dagara Tribe, there is nothing wrong with their capacity for olfactory perception. They smell it fine. It’s just that they don’t interpret the smell as offensive.)
    Of course, that’s easier said than done, just look at the state of human affairs on the planet today. Their “problem” is that they never get outside the house long enough to obtain a correct perception of their own smelly ideas, and if someone dares to inform them of that fact, they take immediate offence. Vicious is the circle.

  • Anamika

     But of course you are a troll, you just don’t know it/won’t accept it; the very best.

  • Adobe_Walls

    Dungbat, like everything else it shrieks doing so over and over won’t make it so. It may return to it’s petri dish now.

  • Adobe_Walls

    One might of known that it’s a shitty expert.

  • ThePaganTemple

     What? Bob Beckel was a liberal male pundit on Crossfire? Didn’t you have to sleep with Bill Press at least once before you could do that?