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‘Pleasure Activist’

Posted on | April 28, 2012 | 10 Comments

by Smitty

Language used in the service of making the foul, twisted and unspeakable seem somehow good, upright and acceptable sets me right off. Liberty is a beautiful thing, but how can we continue in the face of confusion? That a whore is being elevated to a position of honor as a speaker at the college isn’t news; politicians travel the lecture circuit all the time.

Colleges and universities have been known to push the envelope when it comes to inviting controversial figures to campuses, and Williams College, a prestigious private institution in western Massachusetts, is the latest — by inviting a porn star.
The speaker, Jiz Lee, is described in the college calendar advertising the event as “an award-winning genderqueer performer, author, artist and pleasure activist.” Friday night, a sample of the performer’s work is scheduled to be shown on campus followed by a discussion with students.

The disappointment here is with the school administration. How does Williams College possibly think that Jiz Lee is adding any lasting value to student education? Is Jiz going to speak at length of the nihilistic futility of a protein-drenched life lived in front of a camera? How letting sexual pleasure, a wonderful peripheral aspect to the joy of carrying on the human tradition, become the focal point of life, is ultimately unsatisfying? Note that I take a libertarian view of what Jiz is on about, insofar as no laws are broken, so long as my ignorance remains intact.

It’s not that The World’s Youngest Blogger must be ‘protected’ from ‘attack’ by the likes of Lee. Oh no. It’s just that, when you look a the rule of nines, the groin counts for 1% of the surface area of the body. So, a rational analysis of hedonism has to step back and ask: utility, or futility? In the bigger picture, so what?

The task of parenthood is to equip children with the rationality to spot a con job. The administrators of Williams College are the Jack Kevorkians of the Cultural Assisted Suicide movement, and deserve to be ignored. WTF, ‘Pleasure Activist’? That sounds like a Community Organizer in the buff.

via The Blaze

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