The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

#BloombergMovieTitles (Last) Straw Wars

by Smitty Because nothing says ‘the Mayor is a soup nazi‘ quite like having the jackwagon decide the size of your drink. Me, I nearly died from White Castle. I guess that edict will come next week. Update: get you a 16 oz. shot of Ace’s finest. Update II: So that’s how you do it! […]

Court Declares Clinton-Era Defense of Marriage Act Unconstitutional

“Progress” is happening so fast nowadays, eh? Back in the 1990s, President Clinton implemented “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” and DOMA, which stood uncontested through the remainder of Clinton’s term and all through the eight years of Bush, but now — in the Obama era — these measures have been declared dreadfully oppressive. Hope! Change! And […]

Aaron Walker Court Hearing Confirms Kimberlin-Rauhauser Collaboration

FROM AN UNDISCLOSED LOCATION Democrat campaign consultant Neal Rauhauser accompanied convicted terrorist Brett Kimberlin to a Tuesday court hearing in Maryland, confirming their continued collaboration in an apparent effort to harass and intimidate conservative bloggers. Kimberlin appeared in Montgomery County (Md.) District Court for a final hearing Tuesday on his “peace order” against blogger Aaron […]

Pole Position: Phoning It In Insufficient

by Smitty HotAir reports that our perpetually potted President may have some difficulty getting the Polish feathers unruffled with the standard Choom-Ba-Yah approach to diplomacy. Everybody seems to think that this is just some minor gaff. However, when you consider past rhetorical flourishes like Acheson’s speech that preceded the Korean War, the wobbly nature of the […]

Asking The ‘Hahrd’ Questions

by Smitty Julie Borowski at the mighty Freedom Works: Last week, the audit the Fed movement received good news that House Republican leaders plan to hold a vote on a full audit bill in July. Introduced by none other than Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), the Federal Reserve Transparency Act would require frequent thorough audits of […]

LIVE AT FIVE – 05.31.12

– compiled by Wombat-socho TOP NEWS Six Dead In Seattle Cafe Murder/Suicide Disgruntled killer was frequent customer of cafe; killed self when cornered by Seattle PD UN Observers Report Finding 13 Slaughtered By Assad Forces Rebels give Assad 48 hours to comply with Annan plan Related: Syrian diplomats expelled by US, allies Edwards Trial: Still […]

Choom-ba-yah My Lord, Choom-ba-yah

by Smitty Delightfully over-the-top: via Bluegrass Pundit

Donald Douglas Doubles Down;
Brett Kimblerlin, Perhaps, Will Frown

by Smitty American Power, living up to its name, pays a visit to the Congressman’s office. I’d do the same, except my Congresstool, ‘Gentleman’ Jim Moran, is more likely to wonder why people are picking on poor wee Brett, assuming Moran can be pulled away from day trading. Those living in districts with halfway useful […]

A Hint About Stacy’s Undisclosed Location

by Smitty McCain’s Undisclosed Location has been quiet all day. I’m blaming satellite downlink problems.

Mike Bost: Best Rant Since Santelli?

by Smitty Three years ago, Rick Santelli went on this now famous tear: Via the Blaze, Illinois Rep. Mike Bost lays down a similar marker for the ages: For the most part, blowing your cool is a Bad Thing. But every now and then, lifting the relief valve is necessary and proper.

Growing Up

by Smitty Victor Davis Hanson has another excellent essay on the situation in Europe. Read the whole thing. But let us focus on the Germany/Greece dichotomy. In other words, it is as illogical as it is common for the wayward debtor to blame the thrifty creditor for his dilemma. The Germans now are in the […]

Ted Cruz! Ted Cruz! Ted Cruz!

by Smitty We’ll just mooch Erick Erickson’s quick summary of the Texas situation: David Dewhurst and Ted Cruz are in a runoff in Texas. Cruz has long odds in the runoff, given the margin of Dewhurst’s victory. But it is very doable. Conservatives across the country, however, must unite today. This race must be a […]

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