The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Golden Boy Jesse Angelo Lays Off Daily Staffers, Keeps $23 Million House

Being the Harvard roommate of Rupert Murdoch’s son is a great way to get ahead at NewsCorp. Murdoch agreed to invest $30 million in The Daily, with golden boy Jesse Angelo as editor. What could possibly go wrong, eh? The Daily, News Corp.’s attempt to create a digital newspaper for the iPad age, is laying […]

There Are Still 5 A’s in ‘RAAAAACISM!’

At least in English. The Polish translation, I’m not sure: Linda Wertheimer, National Public Radio: So today [Mitt Romney is in] Poland. Why is he stopping in Poland. What does he hope to accomplish with that? Cokie Roberts: Well, I think part of it was a desire to portray President Obama as something of a […]

DNC Endorses State-Sanctioned Sodomy

The Party of Official Perversity: A plank supporting same-sex marriage will be included as part of the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) draft platform, according to an exclusive report at the Washington Blade, which notes it was a unanimous decision. Fire, brimstone and further updates expected . . . UPDATE: We are supposed to believe — indeed, […]

The GOP School of Media Relations

Pioneered by Ron Ziegler during the Nixon Administration, the Republican Party policy of contemptuous mistreatment of the press corps produces yet another predictable “success” : WARSAW — A Mitt Romney aide told reporters to “shove it” Tuesday morning after the American press corps here shouted questions at the presidential candidate. As Romney was walking away from […]

In Which I Forgive @TheRealRoseanne Her Unrelenting Ignorance

by Smitty @joeyswinson @therealroseanne No darling, its called common sense and being married to a naval officer who deals with it. — Cindy Chafian (@CindyChafian) July 30, 2012 @cindychafian @joeyswinson i knew you were on the dole-as are all ppl who think like u! living off tax $ forever. — Roseanne Barr (@TheRealRoseanne) July 30, […]

Politico Story On Maine Leaves One Wondering: Why Dodge Andrew Ian?

by Smitty Seriously. Anyone who’s paid attention in the blogs or at CPAC the last couple of years has met Andrew Ian Dodge. Which was why I saw a Politico bit on Olympia Snowe with this teaser: Snowe has been at odds with Summers since he refused to endorse the 33-year Capitol Hill veteran over […]

The Times, They Are A-Faking

Imagine you’re a handsome young up-and-coming journalist with a Columbia University neuroscience degree. Imagine you write for prestigious publications — the Wall Street Journal, Wired, the New Yorker — and land a book deal that seems destined to make you the next Malcolm Gladwell. Imagine your third book starts with a chapter about Bob Dylan. Imagine you […]

LIVE AT FIVE: 07.31.12

– compiled by Wombat-socho TOP NEWS Inside Aleppo: Rebels Kill Loyalist Armor… …as civilians flee Loyalist artillery bombardment Holmes Charged With 24 Counts Of Murder Could be a year before Aurora shooting perp starts trial; courtroom full of victims and families Ted Cruz Poised For Texas Triumph Stench of defeat lies heavy on Dewhurst camp […]

SHOCKING: Justice Department Accused of Failing to Pursue Sex Traffickers

An article in the August issue of Townhall magazine describes disturbing failures by the Department of Justice in investigations of human traffickers, including cases involving the sex slavery of minors. FBI informant Brandon Darby said he and human trafficking expert Dottie Laster “presented dozens of cases to the FBI,” but that the agency failed to investigate […]

If Obama’s Lost the Secular Humanists …

. . . this could be the last straw: Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack is praying for drought relief in the midwest farmlands, but what he’s getting in return is criticism from environmentalists for not linking the dryness to climate change and from atheists for actually praying. “I get on my knees everyday and I’m saying […]


U.S. water polo team members, including Melissa Seidemann (3rd from Left) I am immune to “Olympic fever.” I covered the Atlanta Olympics in ’96 and, as far as I’m concerned, the whole thing is just a bunch of made-for-TV commercialized hype. However . . . The United States defeated Hungary 14-13 today in women’s water polo. […]

Rule 5 Monday

– compiled by Wombat-socho For the benefit of those reading Rule 5 compilations for the first time, or who have forgotten since last time: some of the links below are most definitely Not Safe For Work and could contribute to the pollution of your precious bodily fluids. EBL is back with a bang, or at […]

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