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Neal Rauhauser’s War on Women

Posted on | July 2, 2012 | 14 Comments

How much is Brett Kimberlin paying his associate Neal Rauhauser? Apparently not enough to enable Rauhauser to make his child-support payments: Rauhauser is reported to be more than $30,000 behind on his child-support and has paid only $70 this year.

He once boasted of using martial arts against his ex-wife.


  • jwallin

    THIS might turn the tables. Liberals get all hot and excited about nailing dead beat dads.

    maybe it’s time to drop a dime. IYKWIMAITTYD

    Of course the ex might be getting under the counter payments.

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    Well the best benefit his wife and kids probably got is his leaving.  

    Just saying.  

  • Alamocitypundit

    Under the counter or not, legally she has only received $70, and that makes him a deadbeat dad. He **is** gainfully employed as an employee of Brett Kimberlin, so he has no reason not to be able to make his child support

    Anyone want to do the legwork and see if he’s also in arrears for previous years as well?

  • Red

    Catharsis thy name is blogging.

  • Cmehusk

    Can I get more info on this deadbeat, Where he lives, What job title,  Wifes name, How many kids, Address, Phone #  ? Any info would be helpful, Because are  company can tag him.

  • Cmehusk

    Thanks for JAY!! Just read SCREED OF MOMUS, Great Info, You can get  him brought back to Douglas Co, From whatever rock hes hiding under . Now just to find the prick

  • Cmehusk

    Has anyone looked in weiner underware for neal

  • Dianna Deeley

     Check out “Screed of Momus.” He’s already done the legwork.

    I’m home sick today, so I can actually comment. Though how coherent I will be is quite another question.

  • Dianna Deeley

     If you’ve been reading Momus’ series, you know you’re right. But it’s dreadful that he won’t make some sort of effort to act as a father ought to.

  • jwallin

    I meant that to say that maybe she won’t be very cooperative about collecting what’s owed.

    She hasn’t apparently so far.

  • Dianna Deeley

     I’m lost. “She”? She who?

    Remember that I’m sick. Think, “mental acuity of a three-toed sloth on really good drugs” and you’re about there. 

  • Adjoran

     What on earth are you talking about?  You can’t collect from a guy who won’t work a regular job and owns no property.

    It sounds like you are blaming the single mother who battled cancer and raised two kids without any help from her worthless, lying ex.

  • Adjoran

    $30K in arrears, at least – or more than four times the amount he harassed Greg Howard over being behind, eventually costing Greg his job and trashing his life.

    Rauhauser is a total deadbeat dipwad.  

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