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World’s Youngest Blogger: Doggone Right, This Blog Works!

Posted on | September 6, 2012 | 27 Comments

There has been some recent wincing about over the registration of The vig was paid on time, I am informed. The Domain Name Servers (DNS) are apparently taking their own sweet time about propagating the update, so that in your web browser becomes for your browser’s sake.

I’m a teenager, now at thirteen months, but some things are admittedly beyond my powers. I can recommend Huggies, for the terminally incontinent. Other than that, one must be patient; DNS moves in mysterious, slow, bureaucratic ways.


  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    A mailed poopy diaper to the DNS sends an old Sicilian message.

  • richard mcenroe

    Smitty, Deborah Leigh wants to know which of the Rules for a Successful Blog covers cute-blogging….

  • joethefatman

    I can get here via my phone but I still get the error page on my laptop

  • TMLutas

    Every DNS manager is horrified at the idea that all the DNS servers try to update at the same time. To avoid that, they all are set to update using semi-random times so no DNS server gets hammered by too many downstream servers at the same time. Literally nobody knows when the intervening servers will get their updates but you can roughly adjust it. A week or two before you are going to undergo a change, drop your domain TTL value to something small so that it’s frequently updating. This will be a minor annoyance but nobody will say anything so long as you change it back later. You still can’t predict when the new values will propagate but they will do it much faster.

  • Mike Rogers

    Opendns is reporting after refresh.
    Before refreshing I got “this domain is parked”, now I get a default apache page from an ISP.

  • Mike Rogers

    Your phone uses the phone company dns while your laptop uses your ISP’s DNS. Try ipconfig /flushdns and see if you get a better result.

  • Mike Rogers

    Ht or miss. Oddly, the reverse lookup for is “”

  • conrad6

    Name propagation to DNS servers does not normally go off-on-off-on several times to a parking site (which once tried to stuff something bad into my computer according to Google Chrome). You are important and visible enough that you should contact or law enforcement if this continues.

  • johnl

    Welcome back!

  • sablegsd

    Sooo glad to see you back.
    That little fellow just gets cuter every time I see him.

  • Stogie Chomper

    Domain servers never seem to warn you about the expiration date, they just shut you off. Been there, done that. That kid of Smitty’s is sinfully cute.

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady
  • Charles

    Got the parking page on Verizon mobile this afternoon, but quickly cleared up and back to

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady
  • smitty

    That’s quite correct. We shifted from a shared to a stand-alone virtual server a couple years back, which was when the ‘2’ popped in.

  • SDN

    Smitty, looking at WYB and (I presume) Mrs Smitty, you are a most fortunate man.

  • Bob Belvedere

    Until last night, I was getting TOM on my laptop and desktop, but not on my phone. Then yesterday afternoon, I warm-booted the phone and I now get TOM again.

  • Bob Belvedere

    Oh, Smitty definitely married-up…and he has a guaranteed pass once the Germans rise again.

  • Red

    All is right in the world once more.

  • Red

    Oh the bureaucracy! So maddening!

  • smitty

    That’s actually the sister-in-law.

  • Bob Belvedere

    A day without TOM is like a dog without a bone.

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  • McGehee

    My domain is with GoDaddy. A lot of people complain about them, but they sure do make sure I know in advance when renewal time is coming.

    Even though I’m on auto-renew…

    Then again, the credit card was set to expire before the renewal date, so they had a good excuse.

  • JeffS


    And one would think that the WYB would have an iPad or smart phone, not an old-fashioned laptop.

  • Red


  • Red

    Or worse. I’d have to actually be productive on the job and muddle through an otherwise banal workday sans TOM. BUMMER.