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‘[Mario Draghi] Will Fight To The Last German Taxpayer To Keep The Mediterranean Countries That Should Never Have Joined The Euro In There’

Posted on | September 13, 2012 | 5 Comments

by Smitty

Hold on to the end, as another MEP asks a fascinating question, which I’ll paraphrase:

<spicolli>Mr. Hand, you’re like this epic buzzkill. You have been sounding like the Pet Shop Boys played backward since around the sixth season of South Park. Can’t you just quit harshing our mellow and say something different?</spicolli>

The mighty Daniel Hannan:

Update: Daily Pundit inquires, “”


  • Ben Franklin

    If Hitler had been patient enough he could have bought Europe on the cheap. Now that Germany owns everything let’s see how long it takes them to figure out that none of it is worth having.

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  • Red

    ::slapping side of head with a checkered Van:: “What’s that noise?” “That’s my skull dude!””–Totally spiccoli

  • 1bulwetweft

    I really liked Farage’s barrage – a first class “oss” chewing. Nice break from the mealy-mouthed mush we’ve been subjected to during this election season.

  • Adjoran

    Americans may not appreciate the outrage of Draghi at the ECB proclaiming he has “unlimited funds” for bailouts. Unlike the Fed, the ECB has no control over the money supply. They can’t just print more or start buying bonds or mortgage securities on a whim.

    It’s a thinly veiled power grab which could subdue any national sovereignty if ECB can do this. If I were Germany, I’d start building tanks, and watch the EU weenies soil their panties.