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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Hyperbole Help For The Telegraph: ‘Romney Singularity Threatens Space-Time Continuum’

Posted on | September 18, 2012 | 33 Comments

by Smitty

The spectacular implosion of Mitt Romney means a no-choice US election, emphasis mine:

It is impossible to imagine Ronald Reagan saying, or thinking, that 47 per cent of Americans should be written off. He would have wanted to try and persuade those overly reliant on the state that they could be liberated, and the lives of their families improved, if they voted for him. His creed was essentially positive and aspirational.
The tragedy is that America and the Western world needed this year’s election to be a proper contest. Obama has been a deep disappointment as President and the country’s finances are in a mess. Britain and the world need a strong American recovery, but Obama seems to have no idea how to help create the climate in which it might happen. In contrast, Mr Romney does have an understanding of business growth and free-markets, although he was far from being the perfect candidate.
Now, with Romney having ruined himself, it becomes a no-choice election. This is quite extraordinary when one considers the tumultuous nature of events since the financial crisis and the need for solutions to be implemented which go beyond the centrist corporatism which dominates the landscape.

Oh for crying out loud in the dark: Romney made a realpolitik appraisal. What’s really occurred here is that the press has soiled itself. Again. At least the press are consistent infantile whiners. Like the non-income taxed portion of the electorate whose attitude Romney appraised.

What promises to be interesting is whether Mitt can make (and deliver) tax reform. There is nothing wrong with the IRS code that could not be fixed with pliers and a blowtorch. If not likely to deliver tax reform, #OccupyResoluteDesk can point to Romney and say “Mitt’s just playing the game, like me.”


  • jlwellfonder

    Mr. Martin, the author of that “article”, is on crack apparently….wow….

  • ButtafuccoPhenol62


  • Joan Of Argghh!

    Oh noes! The Right discovers that Romney really is a conservative!! #Shocka

  • Garym

    It would be nice if he did this on the campaign trail. Why is he just saving this for fundraising dinners?

  • WJJ Hoge

    “… pliers and a blowtorch”? How about a small tactical nuke?

  • Joan Of Argghh!

    Somebody told him he needed a handler.

  • McGehee

    …from orbit.

  • McGehee

    …yadda yadda yadda.

  • rosalie

    I second “yadda yadda yadda”.

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  • Joan Of Argghh!


  • keyboard jockey

    (Mitt Romney up to bat, liberal media pitches “Switch Up”)
    The liberal media is predictable, trying to distract from the disastrous (leading from behind) foreign policy in the middle east.
    Obama already wrote off white blue collar voters why isn’t that in the news cycle?

  • Wombat_socho

    We should throw rocks at them. From the moon.

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady
  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    I love classical literature references!

  • nyctreeman

    Ron Paulbots … descendants of Ross Perotbots 🙂

  • Thane_Eichenauer

    If Romney said this every week how would we ever hope to see coverage of anybody but Romney?

  • Thane_Eichenauer

    Yea, yea, yea, keep shooting off Republican toes. It isn’t as if you need Ron Paul supporters to vote for Mitt Romney…

  • Thane_Eichenauer

    Ross Perot voters and Ron Paul supporters each own (or owned) their own vote. They are not obliged to vote for the Republican candidate just because Republicans (claim to be) deathly afraid of a second Obama term. If John McCain had been elected in 2008 I don’t doubt that he would be slightly less economically oblivious than Obama is but at least Obama never sang “Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.”

  • Joan Of Argghh!

    Oh, c’mere– don’t go away mad. ANY Conservative takes it on the chin from the GOP elite. It was more a sisterly jibe than a real criticism of Libertarians. Ya’ll got your charms and reasons. Just as long as we all don’t re-elect Obama, you’re all fine by me. It was a raw, ugly deal you got dealt by the GOP. We all were. But there it is.

  • nyctreeman

    Thane, you should get that big sore toe of yours checked out by a doctor.

    Who ever said delusional Ron Paul supporters were required to vote Republican? I never did.

    But I can tell you one thing … if Ron Paul were the candidate, I’d be voting for him, you know why? Because even though I think Ron Paul is a nutcase, I’d vote for ANYONE to get rid of Obama.

    But you go ahead and cut off your big stupid nose to spite your face if you like … you have my blessing 🙂

  • nyctreeman


    We wouldn’t have to worry about Iran or any of these other nations if the guilt ridden white libtards of America realized that Islam cannot be governed democratically, and therefore must be held like a dangerous poisonous snake under the heel of a dictator.

    and let’s all give a big cheer for Jimmy Carter who delivered the Iranian Terrorist State to us.

  • Adjoran

    Anyone stupid enough to vote 3rd party with this fiscal mess is probably too stupid to persuade anyway. But it was Paul who ran as a Republican. If his supporters will not come together and unify as part of the party, we can safely dismiss them as unreliable allies and sore loser punks – which most are anyway.

  • Adjoran

    Oh, please! The Paulbots tried to use the rules to subvert the will of the people in several states, then squeal like stuck pigs when the rules are used to thwart their coup. Either they can have a good cry and come back part of the team, or go swallow a handful of pills. Up to them.

    Now they need their precious feelings stroked? Let ’em eat glass.

  • Joan Of Argghh!

    Well, that’s a bit more reasonable than asking them to eat glass. But we’re all gonna have this discussion again after the election. If the GOP keeps shutting out the grassroots, and people like RonP try it the “approved” way. . . I mean what’s left? The Left.

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady
  • Wombat_socho

    I’d be more prone to agree with you if we didn’t need everyone in the trenches. Where the Ron Paul people have stuck to it and done their jobs in the local precincts, they’ve been a great asset, but all too often they’ve wandered off and not done squat but rage on the intertubes until the local & state conventions.

  • Thane_Eichenauer

    I am just wondering how many billions of dollars John McCain, Jon Kyl and George W. Bush sent to dictatorial and theocratic Islamic countries during their years in office. Or is Iran the one and ony dictatorial (and theocratic) Islamic empire out there?

  • Thane_Eichenauer

    “Well, that’s a bit more reasonable than asking them to eat glass.”
    A very small bit I would say.

  • Thane_Eichenauer

    I’ve kept an eye on the 2012 Republican proceedings. If you looked at what happened and saw a fair and just process that is fine for you. Plenty of Ron Paul supporters (I among them) saw a stacked deck being dealt with people with rose colored glasses now claiming that the casino offers a square deal.

  • SDN

    Just the one that’s been the most consistent about sponsoring terrorism for 34 years as official state policy.

  • Joan Of Argghh!

    Thane, would you consider a a proposal on vote swapping? It’s a very, very interesting idea.

  • Thane_Eichenauer

    If there are prizes in the field I would say they get a green ribbon.