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Could Piers Morgan Succeed Where Senator John Kerry Failed?

Posted on | October 5, 2012 | 5 Comments

by Smitty

Breitbart (below the fold for autoplay reasons) has Piers Morgan offering to what John Kerry could not: give #OccupyResoluteDesk some debating chops:

See, Piers: it’s not that Obama couldn’t swing by your show, it’s that Obama represents the stiffening carcass of Progressivism in its final decay into thuggery.

Our election next month is a navigational question. Stay on Obama’s banana republic course, or take a chance on Mitt. That anyone will be stupid enough to vote for Obama is a sad statement indeed. No amount of time on your show is going to polish the turd that is Progressivism, Piers.


  • JeffS

    I wouldn’t call it “final decay into thuggery”. Say rather, “first steps into newly born thuggery after a long and painful death”.

    Otherwise, spot on.

  • Robert Evans

    “C’mon, Mr. President. I can promise you a lively exchange of views, a fair crack of the whip, and, perhaps, even the odd moment of much-needed levity.”


  • Adjoran

    It is surely hurtful to remind the President that his ancestors sold the ancestors of today’s American blacks into slavery.

    But what on earth is Morgan thinking – a “lively exchange of views” indeed! Obama don’t exchange no views, he tells you how it is and you deals with it.

  • smitty

    I stand by my remark. Woodrow Wilson was the proto-anti-liberty thug.

  • Quartermaster

    Delete “proto” and I’ll agree with you Smitty. Wilson was the 2nd Progressive President and was setting the path the DemProgs would take since his time.