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Will Ryan Hold Biden Accountable?

Posted on | October 10, 2012 | 8 Comments

Michelle Malkin reminds us of something:

Remember when President Obama bragged about Joe Biden’s fiscal discipline cred in 2009? “To you, he’s Mr. Vice President, but around the White House, we call him the Sheriff,” Obama warned government employees. “Because if you’re misusing taxpayer money, you’ll have to answer to him.”
Fast-forward to 2012. Call in the search teams. Since being appointed the nation’s stimulus spending cop, Sheriff Joe has taken a permanent donut break. He’s AWOL on oversight. In fact, he’s been bubble-wrapped, boxed and kept completely out of sight. The garrulous gaffe machine hasn’t sat down for a national media interview in five months.
The Democrats’ trillion-dollar “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act,” however, keeps piling up waste, failure, fraud and debt. Who benefited most? Big government cronies. . . .

Read the whole thing. Malkin makes an excellent point: If Biden was supposed to have been the enforcers of fiscal discipline, he’s been an abject failure and the scandals surrounding, for example, “nearly 4,000 stimulus recipients who received $24 billion in Recovery Act funds — while owing more than $750 million in unpaid corporate, payroll and other taxes.”

Maybe Paul Ryan will bring this up Thursday night.

UPDATE: Speaking of “big government cronies,” did you know that Barack Obama was a guest at the wedding of ABC’s Martha Raddatz, who will moderate Thursday’s debate. No bias there!


  • Rich Vail

    probably not…but one can hope for a change, can’t one?

  • Adjoran

    Pinning Biden down is more than anyone has ever been able to do. He’s not slick, his evasions are obvious and even funny, but you can’t make him take responsibility for anything. He’s spent decades avoiding it.

  • Quartermaster

    Hope-n-change? Didn’t we try that in some election in the distant past? Don’t recall anything changing in accordance with anyone’s hope.

  • Rich Vail

    do I need to explain sarcasm?

  • JeffS

    That’s how he got into Congress.

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  • Quartermaster

    Evidently, I need to explain it to you 🙂

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