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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Ace of Spades: Eric Holder Is Obviously Lying About the Petraeus Affair

Posted on | November 12, 2012 | 18 Comments

The logic is impeccable: Holder’s FBI discovers the CIA chief is dangerously compromised and doesn’t tell the President?

Bovine excrement!

Therefore, the alternative hypothesis that Holder was negligent in not telling the President is merely an interesting counterfactual along the lines of, “What if Lee’s army had AK-47s at Gettysburg?”

We know Holder is lying. The question is, “Why is he lying?”


  • richard mcenroe

    You don’t use up good blackmail material the minute you get it. You save it for the best advantage. Like right before a Senate testimony.

  • Jackie Wellfonder

    Bovine excrement….ROFL….well said!!!

  • Jackie Wellfonder

    I think there is so much yet to come out about this whole scenario. We thought Fast and Furious was insane, I think Benghazi is gonna take the cake. Lord have mercy.

  • smitty

    Not so obvious: what if the person told was not President Obama, but rather President Jarrett?

  • JeffS

    And a lot more scary. She makes Stalin look like a dog catcher.

  • JeffS

    Holder started lying as he took the oath of office.

    Why? To cover Obama’s ass.

    Why cover Obama’s ass? That’s the question.

  • K-Bob

    Oh sure. Bring logic into it. What next, pocket protectors and horn-rimmed glasses?

    Bill Kristol is showing the way, people! Back to stupid! All of you, right now.

  • ThomasD

    Would you want to be the person ‘on the left’ responsible for bringing down their chosen won? Remember, to them all politics is personal. The rest of your life would suck.

    Each of them are as invested in this cult of personality as the rest.

  • JeffS

    If Obama falls, they fall. It’s not necessarily the other way around. He does enjoy bus, he does.

  • JeffS

    Off topic, but as for your question, “What if Lee’s army had AK-47s at Gettysburg?”, here’s a possible answer.

  • skinnydipinacid

    Made me wonder… if Jill Kelly hadn’t been threatened, would they have even done anything to Petraeus or simply used it against him to get the testimony they wanted. “We’ll salvage your career and possibly your marriage… all you have to do is say ___________”.

  • K-Bob

    Man, I thought it was going to be about some steampunk-era Dr. Lovelace invention. Nope. Actual AK’s.

    Of course, we should remember to confine the long simmering debate over longbows vs crossbows to the Moron horde at Ace’s.

  • richard mcenroe

    Longbows vs crossbows vs trebuchet. Call me when the peasants are done mopping up.

  • richard mcenroe

    Twang Twang Splash

  • JeffS

    I prefer AK-47s versus long bows, thankyouverymuch.

  • Quartermaster

    Beat me to it. Guns Of The South is a very good yarn.

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