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LGF New Tune: Hurray for Pallywood!

Posted on | November 18, 2012 | 21 Comments

It may be necessary to explain that, once upon a time, Little Green Footballs was one of the most influential blogs, linked and cited by everyone from Rush Limbaugh to Matt Drudge.

Since 2007, however, LGF has imploded, following the apparent mental breakdown of its operator, Charles Johnson, who went psycho on Pamela Geller, embraced global warming, began attacking climate-change “denialists,” declared war on the Tea Party and presided over months of frenzied purges during which he and his henchmen banned thousands of the site’s former commenters, eventually banning even some of the LGF henchmen who had led the original wave of purges.

One thing the old LGF used to do was to debunk anti-U.S. or anti-Israel propaganda, including the staged or manipulated photos and videos known as “Pallywood.” For a recent example of “Pallywood,” consider the BBC News video showing an “injured” Palestinian man, allegedly a victim of Israeli air strikes in Gaza, being carried away from the scene, only to re-appear later walking and apparently uninjured:

Little Green Footballs used to devote entire threads to debunking that stuff but now? Ythey’re making elaborate defenses of Palestinian propaganda, doing frame-by-frame analysis, classifying skeptics as “far-right” and motivated by “bigotry,” and generally doing the exact opposite of what LGF did back in its glory days.

UPDATE: Diary of Daedalus chronicles the ongoing autobeclownment of Charles Johnson and Little Green Footballs.


  • Bob Belvedere

    A bicycle-seat sniffing mind is a terrible thing to waste, eh?

  • sybilll

    I’m embarrassed that I wasn’t banned from there more than once.

  • William_Teach

    And let’s not forget his embracing of abortion on demand, and one of the original roads he started down on his road to bat guano crazy moonbat, posting about “creationism” legislation.

  • William_Teach

    PS: the post itself is not written by Charles (I had to scroll up when I saw more than 2 written paragraphs, which is not Chuck’s MO), but, he was the first to comment, writing “Bravo!”

    Then he promotes it to the front page.

    Then we get something about “the anti-jihad morons”.

  • Dianna Deeley

    Once was more than enough, I’m pretty sure. It’s not like it was a place to hang any more.

  • Charles Johnson

    Consider yourselves banned. Again. I am a giver that way. And if you speak again in a way I do not approve, I will send you a LGF calendar.

  • Charles Johnson

    Don’t knock bicycle-seat sniffing till you try it!

  • MrPaulRevere

    You left out the dreaded Flemish menace AKA Vlaams Belang.

  • Dianna Deeley

    Did they even get any seats this time around? I thought, after the stalemate in Belgian politics, they got smacked down.

  • Dianna Deeley

    No, you won’t; you’re too broke to afford the shipping charges!

  • Larry Sheldon

    That does it.

    The Other Mc Cain joins the other Mc Cain that id don’t read anymore…..what is that three of you now?

  • Killgore’s Meese

    The Magical Jazzy Ponytail just read this, grabbed his hose, and now he’s scampering around yelling “Fire! Fire! Fire!” and pissing all over the kitchen.

  • matthew w

    Back in the day when LGF was the first site of the day for me !!
    Take your medication Charles.

  • Bob Belvedere

    Mission Accomplished.

  • Charles the Magnificent

    You’re all banned! Banned, I say! Not only from my blog, but from all the interwebs! Bwahahahahaha!!

  • matthew w

    If there is a story behind that, you’d better tell it !!!

  • Bob Belvedere

    I’ll leave it to Stacy.

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  • K-Bob

    That’s when the bannings began to ramp up, big time. Over creationism in the schools! Tha schooollllz! U R Band!

    That’s when it all went loony-tunes shaped.

  • K-Bob

    I used to be in a band. Is that the same thing?

  • Rob Crawford

    As opposed to the pro-jihad morons like Charles?