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David Brooks, Ignorant Tool At Large

Posted on | December 7, 2012 | 23 Comments

by Smitty

Two things are constant, and there are three things rivaling the sunrise for invariance: death, taxes, and the codpiece-like dumbness of David Brooks:

Over the past month, the Republican Party has changed far more than I expected. First, the people at the ideological extremes of the party have begun to self-ghettoize. The Tea Party movement attracted many people who are drawn to black and white certainties and lock-step unity. People like that have a tendency to migrate from mainstream politics, which is inevitably messy and impure, to ever more marginal oases of purity.
Jim DeMint, for example, is leaving the Senate to go lead the Heritage Foundation. He is leaving the center of the action, where immigration, tax and other reforms will be crafted, for a political advocacy organization known more for ideological purity and fund-raising prowess than for creativity, curiosity or intellectual innovation.

Note to David Brooks: There. Will. Be. No. Reform. DeMint departed a Senate that hasn’t passed a budget in north of three years, to the cheers of quislings such as yourself.

The Republicans may still blow it. If President Obama is flexible and they don’t meet him partway, Republicans would contribute to a recession that would discredit them for a decade. But they are moving in the right direction and moving fast. These are first steps, and encouraging ones.

Listen, you pathetic little crease-monkey: President Obama is never flexible. You are.

via Hot Air

Update: linked at The Daley Gator


  • WJJ Hoge

    But, but, but, David Brooks is the conservative commentator on PBS’ Newshour.

  • McGehee

    His nickname really ought to be “Babbling.”

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  • bobbymike34

    The most conservative man in the MSM, how pathetic is that. Hey Brooks just quit already you are irrelevant to the process.

  • smitty

    Are you operating as prosecutor, or defense, sir?

  • gwheelockvan

    Brooks definately makes the list of “pundits who would look their best as lamp post decorations”

  • gwheelockvan

    “President Obama is neverflexible. You are.” True. Both Obama and the Sulzberger bend him over at will.

  • Adjoran

    Dear David Brooks: Jim DeMint decided a few more years in the dysfunctional Reid Senate @ $174,000 per year wasn’t as attractive as being CEO of the Heritage Foundation @ $1 million+ per year.

    Like most Senators, DeMint actually has no executive experience, but his conservative star power will give fundraising a big goose.

  • Bob Belvedere

    I take satisfaction in knowing that, when the SHTF, Our Miss Brooks will be wearing a look of utter shock as he’s led away.

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    The new term being promoted at Ace’s was Douchefreude (self love of the douche) to describe David Brooks and other similar Douchefreuders.

  • K-Bob

    I thought it meant more like taking joy in douchiness. We may have to ask RDBrewer for a ruling.

  • K-Bob

    Potemkin Conservatives: Brooks, Sullivan, David Welch, David Frum, Jen Rubin.

    It’s like 3/4 of the audience at an old-school “Professional Wrestling” event back in the 1960’s: cardboard cutouts.

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    They roll in their douchiness like a disturbed dog rolls in its own shit.

  • Quartermaster

    Freude means joy. Schadenfreude means, bad, or evil, joy. So douchefreude could be taken at least a couple of ways. joy in getting a douche, or joy in being one, and others. Smitty’s bride could delve deeper into this subject, but I doubt he would be willing to bring up such a subject.

  • Bob Belvedere

    Or those audience members who thought it was real.

    Useless Trivia: My favorite was Chief Jay Strongbow [hence, why I ‘go on the warpath’ now and again].

  • Quartermaster

    We can only hope we’re around to watch and heckle him for his utter cluelessness.

  • K-Bob

    Other names I remember: Gorilla Monsoon, Dick The Bruiser

    Dick The Bruiser was a local fave in the Detroit Area thanks to a couple of guys who had a really good morning radio program, “J.J. and the Morning Crew,” where the “crew” was one guy who did character voices. He imitated Dick The Bruiser, among a host of other folks. Funny as hell most days.

  • K-Bob

    Well, RD coined the term, so we can axe him about it.

    Ima guess that since “schadenfreude” means, “us, taking pleasure in other peoples’ misery,” then deuchefreude was meant for us to take pleasure in the extent to which some jackass made a douche of himself.

    But I’ll send RD a tweet and get a ruling. I think he’s on the tweeter thingy.

  • Patrick Allen

    He is indeed a cheese-eating crease-monkey.

  • Malone Labe

    Brooks & company are the Washington Generals of political punditry.

  • SR

    I just stumbled on this site and this comment stream. Now I know why I’m a Democrat.

  • Wombat_socho

    Thanks for sharing. Bye now.