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DeMint Hasn’t Departed Senate Yet, Already Placing Markers

Posted on | December 15, 2012 | 8 Comments

by Smitty

Breitbart talked to Jim DeMint on the cusp of ejecting from the Senate.

The Republican Party used to be very good at targeting voters. We asked the Senator what he thinks happened to the party’s ability to do this well:

Well, I think we tend to put political people into positions where we should have CEOs who know how to run things. When you’re running a big organization its not the time for red meat for the grass roots. Its the time to make good people around you with good data. And, there are some groups out there beginning to do that…the expertise is out there.

In general, and the Sandy Hook reporting fits my amorphous theory: appeals these days are purely emotional, as though our leadership has either

  • lost faith in the ability of the people to reason, or
  • is deliberately undermining the ability of people to reason, as this may make them more docile.

So, what I crave from Mr. DeMint at Heritage is a renewed emphasis on reform. Put the facts out there, make the case for a responsible government, in contrast with the current clown car on parade.

We The People are deeply aware that we have, as a whole, shanked it badly for decades. Let’s have a dispassionate, non-hormonal come-to-Beavis meeting, and set ourselves on a course to fix it, knowing that we’re talking about a decades-long project.

via Jewish Odysseus


  • Quartermaster

    Heritage is well placed to be at the spearhead of the educational task. The fact that it is the work of decades pretty much dooms the country as we have at best a very few short years to turn things around. When the crash comes, I do not expect the country to survive.

  • smitty

    Task difficulty is not a reason to punt. Rather, we locate our piece and execute.

  • JeffS

    And, if necessary, survive, and rebuild from the ruins.

  • Bob Belvedere

    …appeals these days are purely emotional, as though our leadership…is deliberately undermining the ability of people to reason, as this may make them more docile.


    Lenin, Stalin, Napoleon, Hitler, etc. all understood this and acted accordingly.

    Stalin’s reopening of the churches in the Soviet Union after the Nazi invasion was not done out of fear, but rather it was an act calculated to tie Mother Russia’s fate to him and his regime. They became as one.

  • Bob Belvedere


    The West [Christendom] is an idea that will survive in the hearts and minds of a few of us, just as The United States Of America is an idea that will live on in our souls.

    Both are not subject to physicial restrictions, so they can carry-on.

    It is our duty to those who came before us and those who are yet to be born to preserve that Sword Of Imagination that keeps both ideas alive.

  • Finrod Felagund

    The Bible often speaks of the remnant, and says that a remnant of His people will always survive.

  • Quartermaster

    I haven’t punted. We’re on the final slide to where the US is going to be taken out as a world influence. There is a difference between realizing what is going to happen so you can prepare, and giving up. Christ said “Occupy til I come.” I don’t see how we can quit. Christ does not hold us responsible for the final outcome, just for doing our duty.