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Hey, GOP: The IRS Is A Substantial Reform Target

Posted on | January 5, 2013 | 8 Comments

by Smitty

Let’s face it: the IRS tax code is still a nightmare. It is too complex, too costly and too unfair. There is something fundamentally wrong when roughly 60 percent of hardworking taxpayers have to hire a professional just to do their taxes. You shouldn’t need an army of lawyers and accountants to understand our tax code. We need a simpler, flatter, fairer tax code that’s designed for taxpayers.
That’s why we have to start to work on real solutions to return accountability to our tax code by eliminating special interest loopholes. I believe in a simple principle. When it comes to the tax code, everyone should play by the same rules. Your tax rate should be determined by what’s fair, not who you know in Washington.

If the GOP wants to continue getting crushed in elections, just continue coloring within the Progressive lines, accepting the consumption of liberty by Leviathan. The tax code has long since ceased to become a means of funding legitimate government budgets. We don’t pass budget legislation anymore, and the taxes that are collected are pit into which all too small leap over shall fall. Way to go, DC: you’re as oppressive as King George III ever was.

But where is the reform? GOP candidates just repeat “Jobs! Jobs! Jobs,” as though the Federal government somehow isn’t shot through with rot and in need of a tear-down and retooling. We all know it does. So, if the GOP ain’t got the sack to:

(a) Articulate the real systemic issues,
(b) Lay them at the feet of the Body-surfing Hawaiian Orator,
(c) State what major chunks of the Federal Government are getting lopped off,

then just what good is the GOP, anyway?

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  • M. Thompson

    Why the hell wasn’t this out in early November?

    I swear, the best single issue to go after is the Infernal Revenue Service, and generally making it easier for the rest of us.

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  • Bob Belvedere


  • alanhenderson

    Doesn’t the tax code violate the 14th Amendment Equal Protection Clause, by imposing different tax rules on different sets of taxpayers?

  • higgins

    Won’t happen. The majority of the GOP is for the status quo. The Leviathan grows under their ‘stewardship’ as well (see Bush, George W., 2000-2006). Besides, any mention of reform would upset the true object of their affection – the State run media. So, like Bob said, it’s Operation Whig!

  • john cunningham

    by now, it is totally clear to me that the GOP leadership [Boehner, Cantor, McConnell, Prebus, all the consultants] are utterly lacking in political sense or ideas. running against entitlements, when they could be harping on the IRS, the regulatory monstrosities, etc., shows that they are hopeless.

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