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Hard Times for Gender Studies Major

Posted on | August 30, 2013 | 341 Comments

Hilarity ensued Monday after @Andria_XX complained that social-media criticism of Miley Cyrus included “bodyshaming/slutshaming” and “heteropatriarchal crap.” Readers will recall that Andria has an “Honors BA in Social Justice and Peace Studies” and is pursuing a Master’s degree in Gender Studies. So . . . how’s that going?

I have a honors BA and I’m defending my MA thesis
in two weeks. I am also apply for jobs and I can
only find stuff in the
service industry. I applied
for a Hotel Front Desk Clerk job today.
My degrees mean NOTHING.
I am at the end of my rope.

What? Being an advanced student of useless ideology doesn’t result in meaningful employment? That’s just really . . . unfair.

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  • rmnixondeceased

    An incorporated Tucks pouch?

  • Kirby McCain

    Agreed. But to truly appreciate the triumph of River Tam one really needs to watch the series. I believe they can be had at Netflix or Amazon for streaming. Just fourteen episodes.

  • Nan

    If a job at an appropriate non-profit, even if it’s at a lower wage is a problem, then the issue isn’t that her degree doesn’t matter, it’s that she places a higher value on her degree than the marketplace does.

  • Steve Skubinna

    Sarcasm is a hate crime. It is one of the tools the heteropatriarchy uses to oppress womyn.

  • Steve Skubinna

    They have Tim Horton’s is in Purgatory? Huh. Your current residence is beginning to sound a lot like Edmonton.

  • Steve Skubinna

    Corporation? You heteropatriarchal asshole!

    No, she wanted a corner office at the Social Justice & Peace Studies NGO.

  • Steve Skubinna

    It goes like this: Black trumps woman. Gay trumps Black. Muslim trumps everything.

  • Nan

    Then it’s a matter of her overvaluing her degree.

  • Wombat_socho

    I have it on good authority that Edmonton is not unlike Purgatory.

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  • Scott Hanson

    It’s your patriotic duty to laugh at such idiots. If there is no stigma for stupidity you only encourage it.

  • Funeral guy

    Andria is the wrong pallor for that lightning to hit twice.

  • Funeral guy

    “You know, guys…I think we’ve learned something today.” – Kyle Broflovski (South Park).

  • Ilion

    At the same time, when are they not?

  • Annie

    Don’t laugh, she’s probably going to figure out she can get herself a government job.

  • Exurban

    Yes, an important point actually. These degrees are not zeroes, they’re minuses. They’re a red flag to anyone who might be considering hiring you.

  • ridesdressage

    Feminism does not equal intelligence……

  • Exurban

    Tim’s is largely staffed by cheap labour from the Temporary Foreign Workers program. Since I learned that I’ve made a point of not going there.

  • Ilion

    When I was a SysAdmin — which I hated — I had to be familiar with both HPUX and AIX.

  • M. Thompson

    Well, I should be far enough away there’s no real competition, your Marsupialness.

  • medinaOhio

    I am regret she have degree that no make nice

  • Nate Whilk

    I thought this post (now deleted) from around 10/9/11 was relevant:

    “I am
    DETERMINED to break the racial mold and the American racist cycle, so I
    EARNED a Master’s degree in Minority Women’s Studies. I owe $150,000 for
    my EXCELLENT education, but the corporate fascists refuse to
    acknowledge the legitimacy of my scholarly efforts when considering me
    for a job.

    “My high-speed Internet and new car loan are likewise
    CRUSHING me – especially when added to the two different child support
    payments I am FORCED to pay by our CORRUPT legal system.”

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  • JoeD

    “I’m a homosexual, therefore enough said.”
    You’re obsessed with homosexuals which means, as it does with most that act like you, that you’re in the closet. Come out already, admit you like muff, and get on with your life instead of going on and on with this self serving crusade to prove how gay you’re not.

  • JoeD

    Is this what right wingers really get off on doing? You people are truly fucked up. Weird that you’re the religious party too. Too bad that you’re not Hindu’s because then you’d believe in Karma and because of that you’re all going to come back as broke ass gender studies majors and feminists, especially Alessandra who is going to come back as all that plus being openly lesbian as opposed to the closeted existence she presently leads.

  • tweell

    What employer is stupid enough to hire someone like her? That education screams ‘I’m going to work for you only long enough to come up with a way to sue you for sexual harassment and a hostile work environment’.

  • Toads

    No hotel should hire her even for the front desk. She is a huge lawsuit risk.

    Hire a woman like Andrea, hire a lawsuit.

  • Toads

    Note that they want to increase the minimum wage too, making it even harder for over-indoctrinated sluts to gain employment.

  • Toads

    Whoa, in looking at Andria’s photos in her Twitter homepage… she is not some 23-year-old M.A. student. She looks more like 35…

    Either she has aged very fast (feminism tends to poison the soul of women), or she really is older and *still* cannot get a low-skilled job.

    Ah…. I love the smell of market forces in the morning.

  • Toads

    From Andria’s photos, she looks too old to get pregnant. It appears she went to college at a much later age.

  • Toads

    Pretty? Have you seen her picture on her ‘About’ page?

    Either she aged badly (which feminism tends to do to women), or she really is age 35 or so…..

  • RememberSekhmet

    She *chose* to study in a field not known for its high post-college employment rate.

  • RememberSekhmet

    First potential employer post-PhD:
    “You majored in what? Cool story, bro. Don’t call us, we’ll call you.”

  • Anna D

    While taking those useless degrees, it seems that Andria never quite learned to write. “I have a Honors BA” Shouldn’t that be “an” Honors BA? “I am also apply for jobs…” Really? Didn’t Andy Kaufman’s Taxi character speak like that? I’m an immigrant and even my English is better than that. An Honors BA in Social Idiocy and MA in Stupid Gender Idiocy means she took up space in at least one institution of higher learning but if these are the degrees they hand out, maybe the “higher” part isn’t accurate..

  • Anna D

    Probably as a high ranking official in the Obama Administration.

  • Anna D

    She should have gone after a real degree, like Engineering or Math or Science or….wait, she can do math and science, can’t she?

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  • Edward L. Daley

    What, you mean spending the better part of a decade absorbing mindless, left-wing gibberish at the University of Who-gives-a-crap ISN’T a guaranteed ticket to success and prosperity? What is the world coming to?!

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  • John Marlin

    Well, my school just dropped one of its “x-studies” programs and seems set to do in another out of economic necessity. Students aren’t enrolling. Doubt this will happen at the big schools, though.

  • John Marlin

    Yes, good analogy. There’s room for the very best students to forge careers as scholars in the field(s) or perhaps in corporate and government EOAA offices, and I’ve seen two or three who’ve done so. To keep the programs alive, though, the faculty have to draw in many other students who aren’t so apt, and in a way, I think they are being used in a manner that is contrary to the values that the “x-studies” industry supposedly espouses.

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  • richard40

    I have a niece with a BS in biology and she cant find decent work either, it must be considerably worse with some garbage major.

  • Whelk

    Sadly, her degrees are probably worse than nothing. As an employer I’d avoid that resume if possible. She seems like someone who’d likely cause trouble.

  • ghebert

    May not be nice but it sure is entertaining