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Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt Returns to Examiner as ‘Lester Klemper’

Posted on | September 22, 2013 | 70 Comments

This is likely to be short-lived. Bill Schmalfeldt has twice before gotten himself banned from, yet somehow weaseled his way back in under the pseudonym “Lester Klemper”:

Evidently, Schmalfeldt got suspended from Twitter again and tried to set up @HoCoLiberal (the “HoCo” being short for Howard County, Maryland). After that got suspended, Schmalfeldt then created the @FreeStateLib account which resulted in further online dramatics:

Combine an irrational hatred of his enemies with a bizarre persecution complex, and Bill Schmalfeldt is a sort of meltdown formula. The man produces more dramatics than the Royal Shakespeare Company.

UPDATESchmalfeldt was kicked off Examiner in December 2011 because of his personal attacks on the Wisconsin group “Operation Burn Notice” (OBN). An Examiner editor sent Schmalfeldt this note:

I am yet again forced to discuss your column after you continued to (1) make your OBN articles personal, rather than talking about what such an organization is attempting to do and its potential implications, and (2) continued to reply in an antagonistic manner within the comments sections / Facebook.
Due to the continued disregard for projecting yourself in a professional manner, I am forced to suspend your access to our publishing platform again.
This was not how I hoped things would work out, but I’m no longer in a position to justify the amount of effort we as an organization have to put in to mitigate the complaints your work is constantly receiving. I wish you well on your blog.

Lee Stranahan described a later Schmalfeldt episode at the Examiner:

Bill Schmalfeldt . . . mocked Andrew Breitbart’s death and deliberately misled Examiner readers about a website and Twitter account that he made specifically to mock Andrew’s loss. This is a horrible person. And further, he defends Brett Kimberlin in the story. This is a sick, twisted person.
Here’s the article Schmalfeldt wrote under an assumed name where he says:

Yesterday, someone started a satirical website called “Big Damnation.” It is a swipe at the right wing blogosphere posing as the late Andrew Breitbart, blogging from hell, where his eternal punishment is to “tell the truth forever and ever” to make up for the lies he told in life. The name pokes fun at the “Big Government” and “Big Journalism” sites Breitbart operated before his “Big Heart Attack” on March 1.
The blog had an accompanying Twitter account @DeadAndrew.

Someone? SOMEONE started a website? No, YOU did. YOU, the author of the article. So you’re covering that up.
A contemptible person. Not a journalist. A liar. A bully. A misogynist. And horribly ineffective.

A July 13, 2012, article at Twitchy (“Vile lefty sets up @DeadAndrew Twitter account, mocks Kimberlin targets“) described Bill Schmalfeldt as a “festering human pustule.”