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Unspeakable Depravity: Woman Helped Her Husband Rape 15-Year-Old Girl

Posted on | January 9, 2014 | 20 Comments

Misty Machinshok couldn’t get pregnant, so . . .

Police say Misty Machinshok didn’t merely know her husband was raping a teen girl.
She helped him concoct a plan to do it and coached her through her first time in an attempt to get her pregnant – because Mrs. Machinshok herself can’t have children, court documents allege.
When the baby was born, the Machinshoks planned to adopt it for their own, police said.
Police on Tuesday charged Mrs. Machinshok, 32, of 154 Park Ave., with multiple counts of conspiracy to commit rape, sexual assault, indecent assault, endangering the welfare of a minor and corruption of minors.
Her husband, Gary L. Machinshok, 28, of the same address, was arrested in October on charges alleging he repeatedly forced a 15-year-old girl to have sex with him, calling her into his room and forcing himself on her as her siblings slept and while her mother was out for the night.
The girl told police Mr. Machinshok threatened to sexually assault her younger sister if she didn’t comply, court documents allege.
In November, police charged Mr. Machinshok with fondling a 12-year-old while they lay on a couch. He was also accused of walking into the bathroom while the girl was showering and trying to open the curtains, as well as frequently walking around the house naked.
The charges filed Tuesday, however, represent the first time Mrs. Machinshok has been accused of participating in her husband’s activities.
The 15-year-old girl later told police that Mrs. Machinshok was not only aware Mr. Machinshok had been raping her, but that she was present the first time it happened.
“She said that (Mrs. Machinshok) assisted her and told her what to do, and also watched as Gary Machinshok had sex with her,” according to the police affidavit, filed in court by Wilkes-Barre police Detective Ronald Foy.

Just a woman helping her pervert husband rape a 15-year-old girl. Nothing to see here. Move along.



  • Dianna Deeley

    Wait, wait: Why were these people alone with children “while their mother was out”?

    I am afraid to click the links. I cannot imagine that I’m going to sleep well if I do.

  • robertstacymccain

    Next time you see one of those polls asking whether the country is on the “right track” or going in the “wrong direction,” ask yourself: What kind of fool could possibly say “right track”?

  • Dianna Deeley

    I haven’t said “right track” in over a decade, despite a few moments when I felt a bit more hopeful about the human race than I presently do.

  • M. Thompson

    More examples of depravity in this pair.

    I wonder how women treat their own sex offenders (male molesters are supposedly at the bottom of the social scale in prisons).

  • Funeral guy

    Clearly Democrats.

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    One Nation under God? There’s a reckoning coming…

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  • Steve Skubinna

    I wonder if our Stormfront commentor will be by to ask if these people are Jewish?

  • Adjoran

    I read the link, Stacy included all the relevant information. I’m guessing the details of how they were in contact were omitted to avoid identifying the victim.

    Reading between the lines, they must have shared a household or the victim wouldn’t have known the perp habitually walked around naked.

  • Adjoran

    Heck, I still haven’t figured out how anyone in their right mind voted for Obama.

  • concern00

    This is the world we are building; this is our children’s America.

  • Jeanette Victoria

    For a moment I thought this might have happened in FL

  • rmnixondeceased

    When people are raised without moral guidence this is the result. Society was created to ease social intercourse by developing a framework of acceptable behaviors. When that framework doesn’t exist, this is the result.
    So as the old song goes, “Teach your children well …” and you’ll achieve a better result.

  • Mm
  • Calvin Everhart

    Saw last night she is living in the Islands under a assumed name.

  • Calvin Everhart

    Old Beelzebub has something waiting for theses people.

  • Quartermaster

    A Dimocrap is that kind of fool.

  • Quartermaster

    They weren’t in their right mind.

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  • Guest

    Well our young people better start listening to us and stop voting for these Godless liberals,you get what you pay for.