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Whose Children Are They?

Posted on | February 4, 2014 | 42 Comments

Tell you what: How about me and Harvard University Professor Paul Reville go on one of those tacky tabloid TV talk shows where they DNA test children? I’ll bet $100 — no, make it $1 million — that Professor Paul Reville is not the father of any of my children, no matter what he has been telling his liberal buddies:

Paul Reville, the former secretary of education for Massachusetts, recently said “the children belong to all of us” at a panel discussion at the Center for American Progress when discussing those who oppose Common Core.
“To be sure, there’s always a small voice — and I think these voices get amplified in the midst of these arguments — of people who were never in favor of standards in the first place and never wanted to have any kind of testing or accountability and those voices get amplified,” Reville said, according to CNS News.
Reville’s language is reminiscent of MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry in April of last year, when she said, “We have to break through that private idea that kids belong to their parents . . . kids belong to whole communities.”

Leave my children out of your plans. Damned liberal weirdos abort all their babies and then think they can tell us how to raise our kids.



  • texlovera

    “Damned liberal weirdos abort all their babies and then think they can tell us how to raise our kids.”


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  • Evi L. Bloggerlady
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  • RS

    Parochial schools and home schooling are the last defense to the mediocre “education” and indoctrination provided by the public educational system. Every home schooled kid or kid educated in Catholic or Lutheran schools who gets a 32 on his/her ACT at a substantially lower per pupil cost demonstrates conclusively that public education is a lie. It exists to provide sinecures for people who otherwise would be generally unemployable. (Yes, yes. I know there are exceptions.) The elites have destroyed the quality of the public system and now wish to herd everyone else’s children into it, in order to protect their position. Reynolds talks about “Irish Democracy” with respect to Obama Care. A better start would be the public school system. Just don’t play.

  • Colorado Alex

    How much do you want to wager that he’s not the father of his own children?

  • DaveO

    “Belong.” Slaves belong to someone. Indentured servants belong to someone. In many slave-owning and indenture-approving cultures, the slaves/servants are held in common. In Sparta, it was a right of passage for a young man to murder a slave.
    Reville said ‘belong’ purposefully, because he contrasted it by saying the idea that a child belongs to his/her parents is a ‘private’ idea. Reville wants nothing held in private, all held by the masses.
    Another Stalinist self-identifies. How many people would he murder if he given the executioner’s pistol and all the ammo he wants.

  • M. Thompson

    Having aborted their own, the left seeks to forcibly tell others how children ought to be raised.

  • Catseyes

    In the end the only test that matters is survival. Give Mr. Reville any sword he wants, I’ll use mine let’s see who survives.

  • concern00

    “the children belong to all of us”

    …is certainly what the LGBTQWTF Coalition of Deviance would like.

  • Dan W

    Damn, I thought, from the lead in, it was going to be about obama’s kids

  • Garym

    The commies in this country sure are feeling comfortable lately. I wonder why?

  • Socialism: Organized Evil

    In their war against Western civilization, today’s liberals use three main attack vectors:-Attacking the family-Attacking private property-Attacking Christianity

    Know your adversary.

  • Socialism: Organized Evil

    It’s not a bad strategy to get them all smoked out.

    Identifying them and isolating them is a critical operation.

  • Socialism: Organized Evil

    If today’s liberals will callously murder the unborn, who won’t they attack?

    Liberalism, like its marxist, socialist, and communist ancestors, means ☠

  • Zilla of the Resistance

    They cannot have my babies. I saw first hand how destructive common core is to little kids. The Resisters are a homeschool family now.

  • Adjoran

    Give him any sword he wants, and I’ll shoot him three times before he gets close enough to touch me.

    ps. Have him wear a hoodie, too.

  • Adjoran

    The details of Common Core are worthy of criticism and ridicule, but that misses the point. Like NCLB, Common Core and other “reforms” of the public school system are mere diversions from the real problem. They cannot possibly do more than Cover Girl make-up applied to smallpox eruptions do to cure that disease, which is nothing.

    The only “reform” worth discussing is getting the government out of the school business. If the public wishes to keep funding public education, that’s fine, but it should be done with market forces, privately, keeping the government out of any actual building, running, or designing curricula or behavior rules for the schools.

  • Bob Belvedere

    I think they’re his. I mean, after all, how hard is it to pretend that Lady Michbeth’s special area is Reggie Love’s butt?

  • The Mad Jewess

    Is there anything these creeps DONT want????

  • Rob Crawford


  • Garym

    Said with a heavy sigh.

  • Wombat_socho

    Oh, they want liberty for themselves. It’s the rest of us, the proles, counterrevolutionaries, kulaks and badthinking wreckers who can’t be trusted with freedom. We might make the wrong decisions.

  • trangbang68

    Respectability, decency, modesty, faith, goodness….

  • Adjoran

    I dunno, Obama impresses me as an on-the-bottom type of guy NTTAWWT. But I’m no expert – and the self-proclaimed experts only show up on LGBT threads.

  • Adjoran

    Yeah, but the “liberty” they want for themselves also comes with a generous state subsidy.

  • Zilla of the Resistance

    Oh, SNAP!

  • Kirby McCain

    And now our children are a resource belonging to the community. (Read: government. )

  • Socialism: Organized Evil

    Well, liberalism is a religion. A primitive counter-Christian religion along the same lines as its marxist, socialist, and communist precursors.

    It’s important that we understand this as a religious war.

  • texlovera

    That is priceless…..

  • Kirby McCain

    This is exactly the rhetoric that led to Hitler’s youth corp.

  • K-Bob

    These idiots don’t understand natural law, and how it applies to “Who belongs to whom.”

    Outside of the squirrel cage of tenured leftist faculty, every man with children will tell you the same exact thing as written below:

    You can claim anything you want, but if you try to get between me and my kids, your carcass is mine.

  • K-Bob

    Surely you mean the GBLT threads.

  • Zilla of the Resistance

    Now I want a sammich with bacon. Oh. crap, I’m the wide in one of those heteronormativepatriarchalwhosawhatsis, that means I have to make the damned sammch myself – after I ask husband if he’d like one too! Oh, the oppression!

  • K-Bob

    Now I’m hungry.

  • DaveO

    Don’t you mean the TGB threads, since the L are so trans-mysognistic h8erz?

  • Rick Caird

    I love the phrasing: “Liberals abort their babies and then tell us how to raise ours”. Only a liberal would not see the contradiction.

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