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Venezuela: ‘The Government Is Taking Us into the Slaughterhouse’

Posted on | February 16, 2014 | 25 Comments

In Hugo Chavez, the peasants at least had a demagogic “hero” they believed in. Chavez’s successor lacks that dictatorial charisma, and people are starting to notice that socialism sucks:

Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez, the target of a police manhunt for allegedly inciting violence that left three dead at anti-government protests, said Sunday that he will surrender himself after one more demonstration.
Lopez said in a video that he didn’t fear arrest but accused authorities of trying to violate his constitutional right to protest against President Nicolas Maduro’s socialist government. . . .
Rioters burned trash and threw stones at police in the city’s Plaza Altamira. In return, authorities used water cannons and tear gas to disperse crowds numbering more than 1,000.
There is growing anger here at soaring inflation — which is up to 56.3% over the past 12 months — and a murder rate that, according to local NGOs, is one of the world’s highest.
“The government is taking us into the slaughterhouse,” said Valentina Ortiz, 33, a pediatrician in Plaza Altamira. “We’ll just be able to get food and water soon.”
Like Ortiz, other protesters vowed to rally until things change.
“It doesn’t matter how long it takes, a week, a month. We’ll be here every single day,” said Jose Pérez, 34. “We are at war.”

Socialism: People keep on trying it, and it keeps on failing.



  • M. Thompson

    Hmph. And considering the sycophancy the ex-dictator got from the media and it’s enablers, we won’t here much about this as an issue.

  • Socialism: Organized Evil

    Seems like an excellent opportunity for Cruz and Rubio to pounce. Take the side of the people, while forcing Obama to reiterate his support for his communisto comrade Maduro.

  • lemang01


  • CPAguy

    On the positive side, this a boon to US real estate as I can personally attest to dozens of wealthy and middle class Venezuelans house hunting in the US.

  • Charles

    Meanwhile, here in Massachusetts, Joe Kennedy is running ads thanking the President of Venezuela and its people for donating heating oil to help poor people in New England.

  • Bob Belvedere

    Sean Penn did not respond to our request for a comment.

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    He doesn’t want to go with his photographer?

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  • Kirby McCain

    10 yrs ago or so I was talking to some women in Orlando who’d left Venezuela. Foreign investment will be scared of Venezuela until there is political stability.

  • Kirby McCain

    If we get any media coverage it will be sugar coated.

  • Adjoran

    Just as well, we couldn’t print it if he did.

  • Adjoran

    If Obama had paid attention to the Venezuelan oil industry before pushing ObamaCare, he might have noticed that getting rid of everyone with real experience in the industry and replacing them with political thugs and cronies doesn’t lead to smooth and profitable operations. He was too busy hugging Chavez (as a stand in for Castro, who he adores).

  • Adjoran

    Rubio is already on it.

  • Socialism: Organized Evil

    Good to know; we have a tremendous opportunity here to aggressively attack the ideology of liberalism.

  • Julie Pascal

    The true tragedy is in this statement….

    “We told you so.”

    Sometimes a person feels just like Cassandra.

  • DaveO

    In the old days, this is where the CIA introduces a couple of armed groups to take out the government’s police and permit the Forces of Freedom to seize power. So far, in terms of pro-liberty/pro-American revolutions, Obama is 0-3. But he pleases the Soviet.

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  • Matt_SE

    I’m still waiting
    to hear Jesse Meyerson’s take on the shooting of student protestors in Venezuela.

    That doesn’t seem very comradely, comrade!

  • Zimón Fora Sarnoso

    The sad thing is that you won’t be able to take him over. There’s so much media now.

  • Zimón Fora Sarnoso

    Jajajaj. I lived 5 years one of those Kissinger operations. I didn’t have to coped anything terrible, but they’re facts. It’s better not to know deeply. Insane people like Mason or Jack the Ripper doing what they do best, eyaculating at doing real bad things. And it was sistematic. Damn how they love those creepy evil days. It’s like heaven, real pleasure.

  • Zimón Fora Sarnoso

    Why haven’t you been able to get rid of Castro’s Regime yet? Do you think you will do it soon?