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‘Defamatory Attacks’

Posted on | February 17, 2014 | 26 Comments

Earlier today, I remarked that how much “it makes me angry to think honest law-abiding citizens must condescend to answer the lies of a creature like Brett Kimberlin.”

Really, I’d rather ignore this — leave it to the lawyers, friends say — but I must assist in my defense, and today was doing some research inspired by “Plaintiff Motion and Memorandum for Preliminary Injunction.” And I swear, I trembled in rage at the unconscionable effrontery of this scoundrel in shamelessly lying about me:

Readers are invited to search for some example of the alleged “defamatory attacks” on Brett Kimberlin’s daughter that I have ever published on this blog. Have I “threatened to take depositions” from anyone in this lawsuit? Absurd! I have asked the court to dismiss this vexatious lawsuit, which is a farrago of lies. Interrogatories, discovery, depositions — I have no interest in any of that. Kimberlin sues me and then, in filing a motion for an injunction to stop me from writing about his meritless litigation, falsely accuses me of threatening to “take depositions” from people whom I have never so “threatened”?

The nerve!

There are some passages of Brett’s Paragraph 10 that I will not comment about, but I will mention that Kimberlin — a notorious drug smuggler, perjurer, forger and bomber who served 17 years in federal prison — is rather tardy in his indignant zeal for strict obedience to the law. If Brett Kimberlin had always been so scrupulous in his respect for law (as he now complains the defendants have not been), it’s quite likely no one ever would have heard of this sociopathic pipsqueak.

Exactly one person is responsible for Brett Kimberlin’s reputation as an infamous criminal. That person is named Brett Kimberlin.

As for the infliction of “irreparable harm” and “psychological trauma,” perhaps someone should ask Brett Kimberlin where was his tender sensitivity in this regard when it came to, inter alia, Debbie Barton’s grandmother and Carl Delong’s widow.

It makes me angry even to read Brett Kimberlin’s lies, much less to have to respond to them. “Attacks on a minor,” indeed!





  • DaveO

    Lawfare in its civilian form. The only good that can come from it is the re-introduction of libel into the law. Not saying BK could win on a claim of libel, but it will be a good thing to have libel back on the books and be able to go after Prognazis.

  • Stogie Chomper

    Has anyone at all written anything at all about Kimberlin’s daughter? If so, I haven’t seen it.

  • Mm

    Does his pal and alleged JTMP employee, Craig Gillette, still hang around? I mean, seeing that he was convicted and served time for possession of child porn, that could be one of the reasons people don’t let their kids visit.

  • robertstacymccain

    You think so? Could you tell me what date this information was reported about Gillette and provide a link, because it’s slipped my mind.

  • Mm

    Has Gillette registered as a sex offender yet? Or has he been overlooking that technicality while tending to his photography duties at BlogBash?

  • Mm
  • Mm

    I sent you some additional links, but my comment has vanished. Check Hogewash, which is where I got them.

  • Mm

    And according to this post, Mrs. K alleged that he lived in the basement with them -and their daughters-for a while.

  • Mm

    Hoge saw Gillette outside the courtroom during the legal proceedings between BK and his wife. According to Hoge, Gillette was holding up a sign that said PERJURY. I do not know if the daughters were present. Walker and have both reported that the kids were sometimes present, and that BK made a number of remarks about his wife in court and in front of the kids that were not very nice. Again, it is conceivable that some of this “trauma” seems to have come from a family dispute.

  • Mm

    I have to wonder how most of those assertions and alleged damages are relevant. She is not a party to the lawsuit.

  • Auntie Fraud

    Oh noes! Respectable parents aren’t letting their kids visit the house of a man who set off a series of bombs and has had questionable relationships with young girls and who is pals with a kiddie porn convict.

    I wonder if Brett’s daughter has seen the Sopranos. She would probably relate well to Meadow.

  • Alan Markus

    Many of her friends at school cannot even visit her at home because of the defamatory and malicious posts by Defendants

    Yeah, all that stuff does tend to put the kibosh on sleepovers. I am speaking as the father of a 14-year old daughter who does plenty of vetting of other parents, and who has been vetted by plenty of other parents (in fact, most parents look askance of parents who don’t do any kind of “due diligence” when allowing their children to stay over). So, a few red flags that come to mind: convicted bomber, quick to sue (you never want someone at your house who is inclined to be “injured” or make accusations), mother may have been underage when married, and family dynamics (you don’t let your daughter go to a home where the parents attack verbally). I am sure there are other things – I was trying to list things that are part of the public record.

    No, BK, your daughter’s friends can not come over because you are the type of guy that no sane father would ever allow his daughter to be in the house if there is any chance you are there. Your daughter needs a new dad, one who doesn’t appear to be some kind of creep.

  • Auntie fraud

    Loss of potential music contracts. Har.

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  • Adjoran

    I saw a couple of people mention his wife, who was young enough to be his daughter, maybe even granddaughter. But the daughter, no. The only mention I’ve seen was on Aaron Walker’s blog when he reproduced court documents that mentioned her, and then only in the documents IIRC.

  • Ben Franklin


  • K-Bob

    He has a daughter? Good Lord!

  • texlovera

    Slow deep breaths, Stacy. I know it’s easy for me to say, but it is still good advice.

    Besides, it’s better to get even than to get angry šŸ˜‰

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    And the only mention of Kimberlin’s wife I ever saw mentioned was she was a victim of his wrath.

    Again, RSM, I am sorry you have to put up with this crap.

  • sarah wells

    His close association, extending to residence with the family, of a photographer employed by JTMP who has a conviction for possession of child pornography, would be enough to keep my child away from that home.

    But that is Brett Kimberlin’s doing, not that of people who inform me of that association.

  • sarah wells

    Do you need the conviction records?
    Because that is here:

  • sarah wells

    It’s worth pointing out that his own authorized biography reports a string of what I would consider exploitative or improper relationships with very young women or girls. There is “Jessica” of course – but prior to his marriage others are mentioned. He used one little “romance” as an alibi (p.328) The girl was 15. There is his extended “pen pal & phone call” relationship with a troubled teen girl in care – while he was in prison, no less. He resisted when his access was cut off and had the effrontery to sue as “next friend” to restore his access for *her* benefit from the relationship, although Singer strongly implies through quotes from those who understood something of the situation, the girl herself was not interested in continuing contact.

    He had another romance with a young woman, who he played musical career svengali to, a singer called Juliya Chupikova (in the bio), which ended badly, and he dragged out the familiar “met her while still too young waited for her to arrive at womanhood theme” again.
    First thing out of prison, he chats up a very young woman (of age according to Singer, but remarkably younger than new-parolee Kimberlin) on the bus and has her head on his shoulder after sufficiently charming her with his amazing life story.

  • Guest

    He likes them young, He likes them vulnerable, He likes them controllable, is the conclusion I drew and many reasonable people might draw.

  • Quartermaster

    In the words of the old Klingon proverb, “Revenge is a dish best served cold.”

  • Quartermaster

    I wouldn’t put either laziness or stupidity past the judge. We are dealing with an MD Judge after all. If he weren’t at least stupid, this would be over already.

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