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How Can @KirstenPowers10 Ever Abandon Her Idolatry of Equality?

Posted on | February 24, 2014 | 84 Comments

Betsy Childs at First Things:

In a column called “Conservative Christians Selectively Apply Biblical Teachings in the Same-Sex Marriage Debate,” Kirsten Powers and Jonathan Merritt accuse Christians who refuse to provide goods and services for gay weddings of being hypocritical cherry pickers. According to their argument, consistency dictates that vendors who refuse to bake cakes for gay weddings should also boycott “unbiblical” heterosexual weddings. . . .
A same-sex wedding is the ceremonial blessing of behavior the Bible condemns. Affirmation of homosexual practice is intrinsic to gay nuptials. There is no need to ask the history of the couple or their reasons for marrying in order to figure out whether or not the marriage is one that God would approve. In contrast, while two heterosexuals wishing to marry may or may not be obeying God’s commands, the institution itself is one that God has affirmed.

Things that are obvious from a common-sense perspective — if somebody’s asking for two grooms on a wedding cake, this is not a “marriage” that any Bible-believer could be expected to endorse — are obscure to those blinded by ideological abstractions. Chief among these is the Left’s idolatrous devotion to Equality:

Gay activists do not construe their “rights” in terms of liberty, but in terms of radical and absolute equality. They insist that same-sex relationships are identical to — entirely analogous to and fungible with — traditional marriage.
Common sense resists this assertion, perceiving something fundamentally false in the gay marriage argument. Yet it seems common-sense resistance can only be justified by resort to religious faith, through the understanding that men are “endowed by their Creator” with rights. Eliminate the Creator from discussion, and it becomes impossible to refute the activists’ indignant demand for equality.

You can go read the whole thing, just in case you’ve forgotten what I wrote in November 2008. I have long since tired of trying to get people to understand how we got here: Once you buy into the falsehood that men and women are equal, in the sense of being identical and interchangeable, then you must deny the natural purpose of  sexual dimorphism and reproductive biology.

If therefore the differences between men and women are to be explained away as “socially constructed,” and if sex roles are rejected as an oppressive imposition of the “heteronormative patriarchy” — for this is what feminist ideology teaches — then not only are same-sex unions equal to traditional marriages, but homosexual couples  must be deemed morally superior to heterosexuals, because gay pairings do not involve the male oppression of women.

“PIV is always rape, OK?”

Why does Kirsten Powers not see this? If you follow the Left’s logic of “gender” to its inescapable conclusion, you must not merely legalize same-sex marriage, but you must abolish the patriarchal institution of heterosexual marriage and suppress the Judeo-Christian moral code that supports traditional marriage. Homosexuality must not merely be tolerated, but refusal to applaud sodomy must be stigmatized as “hate.” One can perceive a possible future in which young people who reject gay advances will be accused of “homophobia” on that basis alone.

Kirsten Powers does not see where the logic that justifies gay marriage leads and where, in fact, it has already led us: LGBT activists angrily demanding the harassment and suppression of Christian “bigots” who disagree with the gay-rights agenda.

The devotees of Equality are enemies of Liberty, and their fetishistic attachment to an intellectual abstraction requires them to reject religion, custom and. common sense. Ultimately, the Left must not only destroy the Christian church and the traditional family, but they must also wreck the entire system of government established by our Constitution.

Kirsten Powers says she has become a Christian, so why is she still worshipping at the blood-soaked altar of Equality?



  • Kirby McCain

    They have such a clever way with words. When someone begins to talk about sexual orientation i know we’re really discussing sexual disorientation. Cultural Diversity? Should be Cultural Adversity. They’re too clever by half.

  • Kirby McCain

    I refer to it’s historical context when male mortality rates were high.

  • Nan

    Game changer; England is rewriting hundreds of years of law to preclude a man from becoming Queen or Princess of Wales, they’re amending or excluding laws for when the same-sex marriage act comes into effect.

  • RS

    The irony is that in a Feminist Nirvana with only a few men around for biological purposes, the value of men would actually increase, while the value of individual women would become a minuscule. Stated differently, a surfeit of supply cause the marginal utility of any individual to be less and less. Gee, it’s as if the Feminists haven’t really read all those sex-dystopian novels they’re always going on about.

  • Zohydro

    What difference, at this point, does that make?!

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  • Quartermaster

    In many ancient societies, there was a surplus of women and dearth of men. Polygamy makes sense then. In modern polygamy, that has not been the case and you see what that yields if you look at Mormon society during its hey day in 1850-1890 Utah, or the so called fundamentalist Mormon colonies now.

  • Zohydro

    Alas, I know of no secular groups defending marriage…

    I’ve read that some Christian groups have abandoned the fight lest they might rub elbows with the dread Mormons who are well funded and well organised! I suspect other religious groups felt the same way about joining with Christians…

    It was all very factional with a lot of distrust amongst the various parties! As a result, we were divided and defeated…

  • Quartermaster

    God does hate the willfully unrepentant. He’s not some big Grampa type sitting up in the sky laughing indulgently at the sin of the world. As one data point, consider God’s idea of civic improvements at the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

    There is a limit to what God will tolerate. At the moment, he’s allowing the evil one to marshal his forces and soon evil will make a stand and Christ will destroy it when He returns to rule.

    He will be particularly harsh with those that have suborned the young.

  • Zohydro

    How very queer, indeed! They’ll abolish the monarchy before they’ll deny the trannies their self-identified place in the peerage!

  • Nan

    It’s funny that with the rest of the world they’re okay with gay marriage but regarding the throne they recognize that one of the objectives is to have children and carry on the throne so they really do need a man and a woman.

  • Quartermaster

    Piers Morgan invited Dr. Michael Brown onto his show and tried to trap him into admitting that Christ had nothing to say about homosexuality. Matt 5:17-20 was one of the references Brown used. He shut down Morgan post haste.

    Christ had plenty to say about it.

  • Delaney Coffer

    “so why is she still worshipping at the blood-soaked altar of Equality?”

    Because she still makes a living being a democrat. She is, therefore, a Christian employed in the party of Satan.

  • Finrod Felagund

    Not only do they go together on the Left, they also both seem to be standard practice.

  • Finrod Felagund

    You’re presuming that feminists read anything not written by fellow feminists.

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  • Adobe_Walls

    Same sex marriage de-humanizes the species.

    “To declare same-sex unions marriage and their technological ‘reproduction’ normative is essentially to reconceive the child not as a person but as an artifact.”

    “.A culture that accepts such deep violence at the origins of life will
    have every incentive not to think about the profound questions of human existence that for so long animated Western culture—they cut too close to the heart—and so education, even now scarcely distinguishable from ignorance, will largely consist
    in learning not to ask them.”


    The Brave New World of Same-Sex Marriage

    A decisive moment in the triumph of technology over

    By Michael Hanby February 19, 2014

  • RKae

    Man! A whole lot o’ jerks in their comments section!

  • RKae

    You mean a “cis-man” and “cis-woman,” am I right?

  • Nan

    No, just a regular man and woman, the ones whose bodies were created complementarily.

  • Bob Belvedere

    It could be her way of dealing with the fact that she is dating a conservative – at least I think I heard that she is.

  • ameryx

    Ms. Powers is a recent convert, and still learning. Would one slap down a child who, still learning the rules of grammar, uses a double negative? Better to celebrate what she gets right, and gently correct what she gets wrong.

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  • StrangernFiction

    Obama claims to be Christian.

  • Mike G.

    Exactly so. My wife and I had cohabited for a few years before we got married. When we went to a couple of churches to see about getting married, we were told we would have to live separately for a year and maintain a chaste relationship before they would consider wedding us in their church. One was a Baptist church and the other was the Methodist church.

  • Kirby McCain

    In any case it’s more productive than homosexuality. But their only viable survival strategy is to poison our children against the natural inclination of heterosexual pairings.

  • Adjoran

    She used to date Anthony Weiner – and HE broke up with HER. The chick is twisted, man – I mean, the woman has some issues.

  • Adjoran

    The early societies which flourished didn’t practice polygamy except in periods where there was a shortage of males. Monogamy worked best even in prehistoric times.

  • Adjoran

    That’s the correct approach for most converts. Powers, however, has access to mass media and a sizable following. Her dissemination of false and misleading information about Christian doctrine needs to be slapped down hard, lest it lead others astray.

    We slap down the fallacies, not the person who utters them. But slap we must.

  • Quartermaster

    “Poison” is exactly the right word for that.

  • Ivory

    Exactly. This is how it is at the church I attend. You don’t get married at our church without first going through pre-marital counseling with the senior pastor. If a couple is already living together he makes the same requirement of the couple as you were told, before they can continue in pre-marital counseling with him or be considered for marriage in the church.

  • Ivory

    I would agree with the gentle treatment of new, baby, converts. I actually agree with treating Ms. Powers with gentleness and love. Despite the fact that when many noted theologians have done so over the past week, she has doubled down and basically told all one woman/one man Christians that we are hypocrites. Seems Ms. Powers thinks herself far above a teachable moment.

  • pabarge

    Try to get Kristin Powers to answer this question:
    “Is gay sex a sin?”

    Very simple. Should be easy to understand and even easier to answer.

    And how Powers would answer this question would have huge impact on whether she gets taken seriously as a Christian or not.

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