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REVIEW: ‘Lightning Fall’ By Bill Quick

Posted on | March 21, 2014 | 4 Comments

by Smitty

He emailed me a review copy, but I was having none of that: I wired myself the Kindle version onto the ‘droid phone for my plane flight home yesterday.

As an author, Quick befits a smart phone format well: kinetic prose from right out of the gate, plenty of characters, even pacing. Quick’s status as a disaster preparedness guru adds authenticity to the effects of an EMP burst on the West Coast. His research on military topics is such that you really have to know your stuff to point out minor boo-boos, but Quick shows more effort than most. Also, as an ex-Aegis Command & Decision System technician, I’m a bit of a ringer here. Love you, Bill.

Atop the disaster knowledge and writing skill, Quick’s savage political wit is a blast. “B.J. Carter” indeed. While nowhere near subtle, Bill manages to mix in humorous subtext without going campy and distracting from the plot. Nicely done. Now for the task of carving out the time to finish reading it.

Do not hesitate to get your Quick on: