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HuffPo Women: Advice for Losers

Posted on | April 7, 2014 | 40 Comments

Am I the only person who reads the Huffington Post’s “Women” category? Because I’ve got a feeling that if any feminists paid attention to it, they’d be outraged at this pink-collar ghetto of insipid journalistic dreck. Some recent HuffPo Women headlines:

  • 8 Things America Gets Wrong About Sex — Barnard College alumna Amanda Duberman says Americans are not having sex “as freely, safely and enjoyably as other parts of the world.” So, apparently, folks in Bolivia, Belgium and Botswana have much better sex than us — or at least better sex than Barnard College girls have.
  • ‘Love Hormone’ Oxytocin May Intensify Orgasms — Dyslexics beware! Oxytocin is not the same as Oxycontin, which won’t do anything for your orgasms, and will only “intensify” your lethargy, slurred speech and impaired coordination.
  • I Fell in Love With a Man Who Refused to Text Me — She loves the Luddite guy with a “cute Australian accent” she married 12 years ago. He probably never dated any Barnard College girls.
  • The Problem With ‘Waiting For Marriage’ — Mandy Velez was a virgin attending the University of Pittsburgh until she “attended a sex-positive event on campus” featuring “a fun lesbian speaker.” Somehow, this event convinced her to have sex with her boyfriend. They “eventually broke up,” but now she’s been living with another boyfriend for two years, which means . . .? I dunno. There’s no obvious point. Just one of those silly “Vagina! Empowerment!” pseudo-feminist sex columns that get published routinely at HuffPo Women. Velez calls herself “a straight, cisgendered, reasonably privileged woman” and also uses the magic feminist phrase “sexual autonomy.”
  • Shedding Light on the Myths About Women Who Have a Lot of Sex — Marrie Lobel is “irritated” by “persistent half-truths and complete fabrications hyped as fact. It’s time to expose reality by shattering outdated perceptions of women who have a lot of sex.” None of the “myths” Lobel attacks involve Barnard College girls or sex-positive events with “fun lesbian” speakers. However, she does use the magic feminist phrase “patriarchal dogma.”

Anyway, that gives you an idea of what Huffington Post editors think women want to read. If following their advice doesn’t lead you to happiness, you can always check out “Huffington Post Divorce.”

UPDATE: Wow! How did I miss this Huffington Post pictorial of women’s armpit hair? Gotta be some Barnard girls there . . .



  • ErikEssig

    McCain, thank goodness you read that tripe so we don’t have to.

  • Neo

    Has there been any “pottery accidents” at Barnard College ?

  • Alan Markus

    Oh the humanity – how did mankind ever manage to reproduce itself before the benefits of the written word and the internet, and these ever so intelligent writers?

  • RKae

    So they took a break from their “My husband cheated, so I cheated, and ‘infidelity’ saved our marriage” articles, huh?

  • concern00

    These are loose women…in more ways than one.

  • concern00

    …and, from my heart, thanks for the armpit hair link.

  • Bob Belvedere

    Gotta be some Barnard girls there . . .

    More like Amherst.

    One thing you can say – perhaps the only thing – about Wellesley girls is that the vast majority of them groom themselves.

  • Kirby McCain

    There are times when popcorn just isn’t sufficient.

  • Hanzo

    “Am I the only person who reads the Huffington Post’s “Women” category?” Uhmm …. yes.

  • Hanzo

    Man, that’s a lot of bad visuals right there.

  • darthlevin

    Forgive the quibble, but I believe the proper Yoda-speak is “What kind of weed this was did you say”? Along with “Armpit hair disgusting it is. French are you now?”

  • DeadMessenger

    “French are you now?” This gets my vote for the funniest thing I’ve read all day. I was going to put some other Yoda speak, but frankly, I can’t top this one.

  • DeadMessenger

    This crap is a combination of Cosmo and Weekly World News. Dreck, yes. And the sort of dreck you publish when you have no self-respect of any kind.

  • Matthew W

    OK, I’ll bite.
    What’s a “pottery accident?”

  • Julie Pascal

    “Am I the only person who reads the Huffington Post…. ”


    You’re right about the “women’s” category. Sure, yes, lots of women like those “lifestyle” things but it really is sort of insulting. I like reading romances but if a News site had “Real” news for guys and a section on romances for me… I’d still be pissed off and insulted. Better to have sections that are for various lifestyle subjects without turning them into the pink toy isle at Walmart.

    Sort of like how Hillary got to be Secretary of State… I mean, fricking SECRETARY OF STATE and all the news talkers are all… she’s going to address issues related to women and girls and I’m all… well, heck, pissed me off for her and I can’t stand the woman because really? How about she address the fricking business of STATE! Ugh! Did anyone do that to Condoleeza? Stick her in the Girl Corner?

  • Norman Invasion

    Piercings, tattoos, facial surgery, & bizarre hair-dos, but they have armpit hair so they’re “all natural”?

  • Anon Y. Mous

    How did I miss this Huffington Post pictorial of women’s armpit hair?

    I didn’t believe you. Figured it was some kind of sarcastic dig until I clicked the link. Ugg.

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  • Funeral guy

    I know I’m the outlier here, but if all the hirsute women looked like these girls (with a couple of exceptions) I could overlook it.

  • RKae

    Is it anything like when one of Spinal Tap’s drummers died in a bizarre gardening accident?

  • RKae

    One hundred up-votes for that! Man! That sh*t drives me insane!

  • scarymatt

    I don’t think Rice could even SEE the Girl Corner from the Uncle Tom Corner.

  • scarymatt

    The fact that the checkout aisle at the grocery store looks about the same as it has looked for decades tells us that there’s a market for this stuff. I don’t hate PuffHo for cashing in on that, but I think they’re fooling themselves about what they’re doing by using bigger words and fewer pictures.

  • Dana

    Our esteemed host asked:

    Am I the only person who reads the Huffington Post’s “Women” category?

    Yes. You obviously have a little bit too much free time on your hands.

  • Dana

    As it happens, I’m old enough to remember the hippie chicks at UK, a good number of whom eschewed razors completely, and there were a couple of them . . .

    Well, there was this one girl, a theater arts major, named Sal — it could have been Sally, but I never knew; her sister Sarah was more conventional — for whom I’d have sold my soul to the devil.

    Her parents lived in a fine house on Parker’s Mill Road in Lexington, and you don’t live on Parker’s Mill Road unless you have money, and I mean real money.

  • Quartermaster

    I lived in Germany for 6 years and it was strange to see women that did not shave their armpits or legs. My German teacher wore stockings and you could see the long hair through the stockings. Just strange.
    The younger women had adopted American ways as to their legs, but not armpits.

  • Quartermaster

    Either that or he’s crazy. I’m going with crazy.

  • Quartermaster

    That you are a regular here is a serious red flag as to your being crazy.

  • Quartermaster

    So, infidelity is one of the most effective ways of saving a marriage that’s on the rocks? Whooda think it?!

  • Quartermaster

    And if the written instructions are inadequate for your level of reading comprehension, there are a ton of sites that have video tutorials to help you.

  • Quartermaster

    It is really affecting his mental health, however. We should appreciate the sacrifice.

  • Dana

    Couldn’t it be and, rather than or?

  • Paul A’Barge

    Amanda Duberman? Did someone say Armanda Duberman?

    having great, hot sex? With that manjaw? I am taken aback.

  • Paul A’Barge

    Mandy Velez? Did someone say Mandy Velez?

  • Paul A’Barge

    Marrie Lobel? Did someone say Marrie Lobel?

  • Paul A’Barge

    Ben Hopper? This is what you end up looking like if you spend a bunch of time looking at women’s hairy armpits:

  • TC_LeatherPenguin

    Stacy should dive into the idiocy that is Micky Sigs–sorry! “Michaelangelo Signorile.” Dude’s been batshite insane since we were in grade school, but now he’s a “voice” in the homo army.

  • Minicapt

    And it took the ‘artist’ seven years …