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SJWs Attacking Lesbian @ArielleScarcell for . . . Well, Being a Lesbian, Really

Posted on | August 10, 2017 | 3 Comments

“In the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, by George Orwell, the Thought Police (Thinkpol in Newspeak) are the secret police of the superstate, Oceania, who are charged with uncovering and punishing ‘thoughtcrime’ and thought-criminals. The Thinkpol use psychological methods and omnipresent surveillance (e.g. telescreens) to search, find, monitor, and arrest citizens of Oceania who would challenge the status quo — the authority of the Party and of Big Brother — even if only with a thought.”

The totalitarian insanity of Third Wave “queer feminism” has now escalated to hitherto unprecedented levels. Popular lesbian YouTube personality Arielle Scarcelli (@ArielleScarcell on Twitter) committed the ThoughtCrime of saying that the way she knew she was gay was that she liked . . . uh, female anatomy.

According to the social justice warrior (SJW) crowd, lesbians are not allowed to say this, because it’s transphobia. Whereas SJWs are generally OK with anybody who hates heterosexual men, all a guy’s gotta do is wear a dress and lipstick and suddenly he ceases to be a demonized enemy and becomes a sainted victim, like Nicholas “Sarah” Nyberg or Zachary Antolak a/k/a “Zinnia Jones.” Being transgender puts you at the apex of the SJW Hierarchy of Victimhood, and calling yourself a “queer, trans, nonbinary lesbian” means women are obligated to have sex with you because social justice. (The Riley Dennis Rule.)

Crazy? Yeah, but the lunatics running the “queer feminist” asylum make the rules and this means lesbians are not allowed to speak honestly about their lack of enthusiasm for men in dresses, and the usual SJW suspects who ganged up against Laci Green for dating Chris Maldonado are now ganging up against Arielle Scarcelli because of this video:


“The whole trans community went up in flames telling me I was transphobic and that I was a sexist also for degrading women and making women just about their body parts.” (3:45)

Do I personally approve of Arielle Scarcelli’s preferences? Or do I agree with everything Arielle Scarcelli has ever said? No, but it’s a free country and I can’t boss her around or prohibit her from speaking in her own defense. Our freedom to disagree with each other is just about as basic as it gets, and labeling disagreement “hate” — which is what the SJWs are doing to Arielle Scarcelli — is a threat to this freedom.

Some of my conservative friends might say, “Who cares? Let the LGBT coalition destroy itself in a circular firing squad. Serves ’em right!” The problem with that reaction is that once the SJW mobs destroy Arielle Scarcelli for being “transphobic,” they’re not going to stop there. No, next they’re going to find another target, and then another and another and another. It’s like 1938 and who cares about the Sudetenland? Except once you give Hitler that, he’s going to take the rest of Czechoslovakia next, and then it’s good-bye, Poland! SJWs are totalitarians, and as long as you keep retreating, they’ll keep advancing. You can’t let them nibble away at the edges of the First Amendment, just because the person they’re trying to silence today isn’t somebody you like. Today, they’re going after a lesbian, but tomorrow they’ll be trying to silence a Catholic or a Baptist or just somebody who cares enough about scientific truth to say to Zinnia Jones, “Hey, you’ve got a penis and that’s not female.”

Seriously, what are the SJWs saying about Arielle Scarcelli that they haven’t used to condemn heterosexual men for being heterosexual? She was accused of “objectifying” women because she was attracted to their, uh, female anatomy. As John Stossel would say, “Give me a break!”

Are you a responsible adult, or are you a helpless victim? The SJW mob habitually brandish their alleged victimhood like a badge of honor, accusing anyone who criticizes them of “hate.” This tactic is used to silence and/or marginalize dissenters from the SJW narrative. It expresses the vindictive mentality of those who seek to punish bakers and florists for refusing to participate in same-sex weddings. This is the intolerant spirit that got James Damore fired from Google. It is hostile to truth and antithetical to personal liberty. Arielle Scarcelli had the temerity to dissent from the SJW narrative, to mock their bizarre belief system, and for this she is being accused of “hate.”

SJWs have ceased to be a joke and have become a threat to our survival as a free society. Like I keep saying: People need to wake the hell up.