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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Now @PiersMorgan Interviews Duke Porn Star @Belle_Knox a/k/a Miriam Weeks

Regular readers need no introduction: Feb. 25: If Porn Is Not Shameful, Why Doesn’t Miriam Weeks Use Her Real Name? Feb. 27: Special Snowflake™ @Belle_Knox and Make-Believe Feminist ‘Empowerment’ On the one hand, Duke University freshman Miriam Weeks wants us to believe that she is not ashamed of hiring out her vagina to porn producers. On the […]

Is Everything Feminist ‘Empowerment’ Now? Or Is @Belle_Knox a Sociopath?

“Ever since I was a child, I’ve had some masochistic tendencies. When I was a young girl and my friend and I would play house, I would ask her to lock me in her dog cage. . . . It was exciting. It was different. “I can’t explain why rough sex and pain arouses me; […]

Also, @Belle_Knox Is a Psycho

Somebody mentioned this in the comments the other day, but I just got around to checking it out: Duke University freshman Miriam Weeks, who has recently become notorious as porn star Belle Knox, is a “cutter,” with visible scars that show her history of self-harm. “Apparently her ex-boyfriend that cheated on her told her she […]

On ‘The View,’ @Belle_Knox Says ‘Most People’ Start Watching Porn at Age 12

  Three weeks ago, when I first started blogging about Duke University freshman Miriam Weeks — a/k/a “Belle Knox,” the teenage porn star — some readers probably thought, “Yeah, there he goes again, on a weird marginal tangent.” But then she was interviewed by Piers Morgan on CNN and just Monday she appeared on ABC’s […]

‘This Is a Tragedy in the Family’: @Belle_Knox’s Horrible Disgrace

Miriam Weeks (@belle_knox) "Welcome home, Daddy! I'm a porn star now!" @DailyMailUS — Robert Stacy McCain (@rsmccain) March 11, 2014 Army physician Dr. Kevin Weeks returns home from deployment in Afghanistan to learn that his youngest daughter Miriam has become notorious as the Duke University porn star “Belle Knox”: Amanda Minor, the mother-in-law […]

Special Snowflake™ @Belle_Knox and Make-Believe Feminist ‘Empowerment’

Eric Owens at the Daily Caller deserves credit for calling attention to the dishonest hypocrisy of porn’s feminist enablers: The sex-worker student doesn’t want her real name revealed — or even her adorably slutty porn name revealed — despite the fact that she has now done at least two interviews, written a monologue about herself […]

If Porn Is Not Shameful, Why Doesn’t Miriam Weeks Use Her Real Name?

A Duke University freshman is offering the world a textbook lesson in what not to do if your college classmates find out you’re doing porn. Miriam Weeks attempted to “un-out” herself, giving an interview to the Duke Chronicle, which agreed to protect her anonymity despite the fact that word was out all over campus that […]

The Not-So-Secrets of Success

About five years ago — somewhere between the second Anthony Weiner scandal and the time the Kaitlyn Hunt saga made national headlines — I began to realize that our civilization was unraveling because parents were failing to give kids common-sense advice. Many young people (and not a small number of adults) were making bad decisions […]

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