The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Tumblrina SJW Trauma Drama

  Thalia Gomez is a lesbian and a feminist (but I repeat myself). Last week on her Tumblr blog (because of course she’s got a Tumblr blog) she posted a desperate plea for assistance: Please Help Me Leave My Abusive Girlfriend I’m reaching out mainly to the radfem community because you guys have been so […]

Your Homophobia Is a ‘Direct Threat’ of ‘Potential Violence,’ Says Queer Feminist

  “Ellie” (@helliebeanz on Twitter) is a 22-year-old university art student in Tampa. She is a self-described “queer” Cuban-American who is “severely mentally ill.” She is “disabled,” and says she has “been professionally diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, bipolar type II, and PTSD.” She is into comics, “body positivity, mental health awareness . . . […]

Tumblrina Hot Take

  Political commentary from a 27-year-old feminist: also progressive white men can go ahead and worry about the 72% of white men who voted for roy moore before they start in on the 63% of white women who did so, thanks She wants everybody to know she’s a Scorpio. Party of Science™ . . . […]

Tumblrina ‘Intersectionality’

  Excuse me for returning to this bottomless well of feminist insanity, but here’s a Tumblr post that went viral last week: I think one of my least favorite types of responses to people speaking up on sexual harassment and sexual assault is are articles like “in wake of weinstein, men wonder if hugging women […]

Socialist Tumblrina Witches

  Sara is a 19-year-old bisexual socialist witch who likes cats and attends college somewhere in New England. She posts a lot of selfies, including pictures of herself dressed as Hecate, pagan goddess of death. Like every other pouty teenage Goth girl with a Tumblr blog, Sara fancies herself a writer and self-published a science […]

Political Analysis From Feminist Tumblr

Crazy Number One: I feel like the key White Pathology that explains Trump is this idea that everything in life is graded on a curve, not just wanting to have good things, but to have MORE of those things than other people. A pathology that’s both the opposite of stronger together and the opposite of […]

More Feminist Tumblr Stupidity

Here is a classic in the annals of bad logic: I’ve never met a self-identified men’s rights activist in real life and I’m guessing that’s due to any combination of the following reasons: 1. They realize that their passionate crusade against a fictitious version of feminism doesn’t hold up outside of their Reddit/4chan/meme troll internet […]

Feminist Tumblr Syndrome Strikes Again

The uncorrected entirety of a Feminist Tumblr post: you don’t have to look any further than the population of okcupid or any dating site to reach the unfortunate conclusion that almost every man in this world is completely intellectually and spiritually void. it’s downright eerie to see personalities repeat themselves from one profile to the […]

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