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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Pamela Geller Denounced by Notorious Sock Puppeteer Glenn Greenwald

“Any media outlet that gives air time to Pam Geller . . . is disgraceful,” says the man who has spent years covering himself with disgrace and yet frequently gets air time on MSNBC. Joe Fein has more at Valley of the Shadow. Meanwhile, ignoring the Greenwald fatwa, Geller rolls out her new book.

Pamela Geller Linked by New York Times

Not in a good way, but by a couple of Norwegian writers blaming her (and “Islamophobia”) for the Oslo massacre: Hatred of Muslims and resentment of the left — one of us has repeatedly received resentful diatribes against the “multiculturalist elite,” and was mentioned in Mr. Breivik’s own writings — is not confined to Norway. […]

Pamela Geller Vindicated, Again, While the LGF Auto-Beclownment Continues

Donald Douglas at American Power has a post about how LGF’s Charles Johnson bullied a Forbes writer into removing a reference in her article to an incontrovertible fact: Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik cited Little Green Footballs in his “manifesto.” Breivik linked LGF 20 times, mostly while quoting anti-jihad blogger “Fjordman,” a former LGF commenter. […]

MSM Goes LGF: Media Trying to Blame Norway Massacre on Pamela Geller?

Donald Douglas at American Power has “a little round-up of those exploiting the dead to destroy their political enemies.” POH Diaries describes this as the functioning of an “anti-anti-jihad movement.” As for the MSM Demon of the Day, Pamela Geller’s basic rule of combat is, “Mess With the Bull, You Get the Horns“: Needless to say, […]

Muslims: Don’t Hurt Their Feelings!

For example, it hurts their feelings when an Australian court says they can’t have sex with 8-year-olds. And it especially hurts their feelings when you suspect them of involvement with terrorism: Right-wing websites quickly pointed the finger at “jihadis,” and Pamela Geller, publisher of the website Atlas Shrugs and executive director of Stop Islamization of […]

CAIR Loves ‘Em Some LGF: ‘Glad to See That Chaz Is Now Marketing the Caliphate’

Doug Ross: “It’s come to this: CAIR now tweeting links to LGF.” “Breivik was deeply involved in the ‘counter-jihad’ blogosphere and UK far right groups . . . Breivik boasted online of his discussions with the English Defence League (the anti-Muslim group praised and supported by US bloggers Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller), and with […]

Genesis 12:3

“And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee . . .” Disagreements about foreign policy are one thing. Jew-hating is something else. When someone says, “Zionists not welcome,” watch out. Da Tech Guy informs us that some unpleasantness has developed among counter-jihad bloggers, requiring me to say: I’m with […]

Geert Wilders Not Guilty of Hate Speech

A big victory for free speech in Europe. The courageous Dutchman’s most enthusiastic American admirer Pamela Geller is celebrating. I trust commenters will alert us when Charles Johnson tries to rationalize this latest defeat for his “Eurofascist” smear campaign. UPDATE: Could he possibly be more predictable? Let’s pause first to ask whether anyone did more […]

It’s OK To Relax About Osama

by Smitty Pamela, I respect you endlessly, but I’m curious: where is the line on too much? Osama was given the proper, standard treatment for the deceased. Chaplains (I presume) did their job. Many of us, myself in particular, were repulsed and outraged by the revelation that the US military was forced to bury Osma […]

If All The Copts In Egypt Packed Up And Walked To Israel. . .

by Smitty . . .wouldn’t that be one mother of a scriptural allusion? I have no idea what I’d do in their moccasins, but it’s a Clash that would probably end in departure:

Jill Filipovic Throws Me Some Traffic; Little Green Footballs, Not So Much

America’s Favorite Feminist responds to this morning’s provocation by accusing me of promoting the narrative, “Brown people are savages who will go after pretty white women.” A near-miss there, Ms. Filipovic, but thanks for linking me. Meanwhile . . . It’s really sad that he’s got nothing better to do. While I’m on the hook […]

Patterico: ‘Charles Johnson Doesn’t Care About Context or Truth Any More’

“I was such a small fish at the time. I realized I was basically committing blog suicide by going against him. But he was wrong.” – Pamela Geller, January 2010 It’s interesting how easy it has become to ignore Charles Johnson and Little Green Footballs. A couple weeks ago, Diary of Daedalus or the Blogmocracy […]

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