The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

“Backin’ The U.S.S.R”, As The Beatles Did Not Quite Sing

by Smitty and Chris Cassone   Oh, flew in from Hawaii beach on Air Force One Donors weren’t bad last night Desperate news the Ukraine has come undone Man, there’ll be a dreadful fight I’m backin’ the U.S.S.R. You don’t know how punky you are boy Backin’ the U.S.S.R. Scheming away so long I hardly know my face […]

We Need Cassone To Rock @CPACnews

by Smitty We need Chris Cassone to play this in the main ballroom at CPAC in front of a the full house (including YOU!) somewhere on March 6th or 7th: I just got off the phone with Chris, and he’s at the point of deciding if he’s going to attend at all. Apparently he brought […]

Chris Cassone Strikes Again:
‘My Baby Loves Barbecue’

by Smitty Hot cars, a cool girl, some rockabilly, and intense eats. How much more American could this song be? Meanwhile, my baby loves a paycheck, and I must apologize to the loyal readers for my general absence the last week. There is a new job, which is pretty much the same old technology contracting […]

Again, Cassone, On Newtown

by Smitty We need a word for that awkward point, When one enounters art, And says, “Da best in da flippin’ joint! Tell, me: How’d it start?” The artist’s face, it then grows dark, And with a lowered eye, Replies, “Blood down in the park, That deserved not so to die.” Oh that we could […]

Benghazi => ‘High On A Mountaintop’

by Smitty I’ve been waiting to see this video. Stevens, Smith, Doherty and Woods did their part. Cassone has done his. Now, you know what to do for your part: make this viral. All over twitter, blogs, and inboxes. “Who gave the order to let his son die?” indeed. I think we need to get […]

The World’s Youngest Blogger Nearly Makes ‘Day By Day’

by Smitty Got an email from Muir the other day. Having supported Day By Day, it was time to suggest a strip theme involving Skye. So I suggested that Chris do something with this photo, and it provides the background for the first panel, where Kiko breaks a plate. Click the image to view the […]

‘Take Our Country Back’: Chris Cassone Tells the Story of His Tea Party Anthem

Think back to where you were three years ago, in March 2009. President Obama had just been inaugurated. Nancy Pelosi was Speaker of the House, Harry Reid led a Senate majority of 59 Democrats, and they were in the process of ramming through Congress the $800 billion “stimulus” bill, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. […]

Chris Cassone At CPAC12 Discussing
Take Our Country Back

by Smitty The pro-Cassone bias of this blog is unavoidable. We go back several years with Chris, and present with pleasure a quick CPAC interview where he touts his new tome. We cover a variety of topics, including Chris’s support to me while I was on deployment to Afghanistan. Chris is truly a great patriot, […]

If You’re Deployed, And Can’t Have A Proper Parade, ‘Memorial Day’ By
Chris Cassone Is The Next Best Thing

by Smitty An immortal piece from Chris Cassone: Forced to choose between this and Claustrophobic Blues, I would say: ‘Why are you forcing me?’

World’s Youngest Blogger Rocks Him Some ‘Claustrophobic Blues’

by Unborn Son of Smitty Props to Chris Cassone for giving voice to the voiceless, and Jim Nowak for filling out the sound on bass. Also, special props to Burrius Maximus for the Fedora ‘shop. Now, let me launch this before my battery dies completely.

Should Any ‘Spooky Dude’ Be Allowed To Recast The Global Economy?

by Smitty (via Drudge) Liberty? Sovereignty? Are they quaint notions? The Business & Media Institute reports: Two years ago, George Soros said he wanted to reorganize the entire global economic system. In two short weeks, he is going to start – and no one seems to have noticed. On April 8, a group he’s funded […]

VIDEO: ‘Libyan Hit Squad’ (1986)

This tune was recorded 25 years ago by my buddy Chris Cassone: (Via I Own The World.) Nice beat, easy to dance to, I’ll give it an 85.

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