The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Axis Of Fedora Puts Another Two Under The Brim

by Smitty Yesterday at the Barack Obama Elizabeth Warren channeling (quotation is from Roanoke, but I doubt they reloaded the teleprompter) the Axis of Fedora enrolled a couple of new members, joining the ranks of SWAC Girl and Fishersville Mike. Welcome aboard, Marooned in Marin and some guy named Aaron Worthing. The Axis of Fedora […]

Zilla On Da Tech Guy’s Show

by Smitty As fortune would have it, I’m off to a retirement ceremony for my boss last year in Afghanistan, so I shan’t call in and harass. Nevertheless, the details are here, and you will be energized by taking in Pete’s show, which I can attest comes in just fine over the internet. Also on […]

I Keep Saying: “People Don’t Scale”

by Smitty Da Tech Guy catches up on Brett Kimberlin and Wisconsin, and makes the following observation: With Wisconsin looking horrible and the National election starting to show signs of the cracks that have been obvious for a year the party has to go all in to keep 2012 from being a rout that shatters […]

Distraction Tactic Backfires: Romney Gains in Polls After Obama Gay Shift

Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign strategy could be summarized in four words: “It’s Obama’s Economy, Stupid.” Romney and his aides have made clear that they regard every other issue as a distraction from what polls — as well as common sense — indicate as the main concern of American voters: Jobs, the economy and the explosion […]

Two Cheers for Katy Conrad!

John Hindraker thought it was “insane” for Katy Conrad of CBS News to contact Koch Industries, inquiring about the claim by MSNBC and other liberals that the Koch brothers were paying for George Zimmerman’s legal defense in the Trayvon Martin case. Pete Da Tech Guy comes to Katy Conrad’s defense, saying that at least she […]

‘They Just Want the Money’

Walter Russell Mead finds amusement in New York Times employees — members of the Writers Guild union — whining about a proposal to substitute 401(k)s for their current bloated pension plan: Nobody in the video talks about the changes in the news business that threatens to drive the Times into a deep dive. Nobody talks […]

Why Do You Hate Italians?

She’s an Italian actress named Alessandra Mastronardi, and if you needed a reminder to read Bob Belvedere’s Camp of the Saints . . . Well, certainly she did the trick, eh? And speaking of Italians . . . Mr. Santorum issued a statement that said, in part, “As the son of an Italian immigrant myself, […]

Two Worthy Bloggers

by Smitty While we’ve supported Zilla of the Resistance, we’ve not yet blogged her painful situation: I have been doing research and have learned that many doctors who specialize in treatment of Late Stage Lyme operate on a cash only business to avoid some of the nasty red tape and big nanny state f–kery which […]

‘. . .He Leaves Very Big Shoes To Fill,’ Kennedy Said

by Smitty So says Joe Kennedy III in a campaign video, opting to run for the seat vacated by the unlamented Barney Frank. It may be that the Kennedy brand has recovered from the passing of Ted. According to the Boston Herald: The UMass Lowell/Herald poll — the first to test the younger Kennedy’s appeal […]

Subject to Misinterpretation

In an e-mail to some friends this afternoon, I wrote: While I was working on other posts and not following Twitter, it seems my feed blew up with ‘H8Rs’ who either missed the point or else got the point, and decided to blow me up for having pointed out some obvious but uncomfortable truths about […]

Couple Of Points On The Race Card

by Smitty Da Tech Guy wonders why the race card went unplayed in the case of Herman Cain. If you flip it over, the Race Card says “Property of the National Socialist Democrat Workers Party”. Conservatives, therefore, cannot play the card. If conservatives try to play the card, cast as, say, a ‘hi tech lynching‘, […]

Founder of the Axis of Fedora

Pete Da Tech Guy is having a post-New Hampshire primary fundraiser. I’ve already contributed — Pete generously acted as my chauffeur during part of the New Hampshire trip, in addition to all his excellent blogging — and I therefore urge all my readers to do likewise. Whether it’s $10, $20 or $50, please HIT DA […]

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