The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

‘Arab Spring’ Update: Hostages Killed in Algeria; French Fight Islamists in Mali

“The International Society for the Suppression of Savage Customs had entrusted him with the making of a report, for its future guidance. And he had written it, too. I’ve seen it. I’ve read it. It was eloquent, vibrating with eloquence, but too high-strung, I think. Seventeen pages of close writing he had found time for! […]

Ed Said Nix Flick: Odd ‘Squad’ Cop Flop, Mugs Thugs With Lame Gang Bang-Bang

Ed Morrisey pans the new movie Gangster Squad as an all-star ripoff: Contrast this with The Untouchables, which I think is overrated but at least addressed the moral issue of crossing the line between law enforcement and thuggery.  For that matter, skip The Untouchables and watch the infinitely superior L.A. Confidential , which dealt with […]


CINCINNATI, Ohio Pete Da Tech guy disassembles a Quinnipiac Poll that has samples of D+7 in Florida and D+8 in both Florida and Ohio, so that while Mitt Romney handily wins independent voters in both states, he nonetheless trails Obama by 1 point in Florida, 2 points in Virginia and 5 points in Ohio. These […]

Did You Say ‘Preference Cascade’?

“One might have thought that the 2010 mid-term elections . . . would have convinced the Left that they had miscalculated. Instead, they placed their confidence in Obama’s ability to navigate the new environment . . . “Everything seemed to be proceeding in accordance with those beliefs until Romney dismantled Obama in Wednesday’s debate — […]

Liberals Beginning to Realize They’ve Overestimated Obama’s Popularity?

A steady drip, drip, drip of polling data — including a new Battleground poll showing Democrats on the losing side of an “enthusiasm gap” – has started to undermine the carefully maintained perception of Obama’s re-election as inevitable. Ed Morrissey comments: If Obama trails in a D+8 poll by 6 among the extremely likely voters with […]

From the Home for Elderly Bloggers: Disrespectful Young Whippersnappers! UPDATE: Ten Cents a Column Inch

Of course, I refer to Jonah Goldberg who, at the tender age of 43, is a callow parvenu — a mere stripling! a rookie! — by comparison to my superannuated 52-year-old self. Nevertheless, Goldberg is old enough to resent the pretensions of still younger punks: “It is a simple fact of science that nothing correlates […]

Notes on an Unfinished Letter of Apology (Or, Does Ed Morrissey Torture Cats?)

“Television, naturally enough, is biased toward compelling visual imagery, and in almost all cases the charms of a human face take precedence over the capabilities of a human voice. It is not essential that a TV newsreader grasp the meaning of what is being reported . . . What is essential is that the viewers […]

The New Media Proletariat

It is rather a painful thing to acknowledge that Joy McCann is onto something when she remarks about the advent of a two-tiered blogging hierarchy. And it is even more painful to see my friend Jerry Wilson’s expressions of resentment toward Ed Morrissey about this. In all honesty, despite what anyone may suspect from certain […]

UPDATE: Newt’s Populist Turn

FORT MYERS, Fla. 6:51 p.m. ET: During his speech today at Page Field, Newt Gingrich spun a conspiratorial view of the opposition to him, saying that Mitt Romney’s campaign is using “recycled” bailout money to attack him. Saying that Goldman Sachs chose Barack Obama in 2008, Gingrich said the giant Wall Street bank — using […]

Mixed Signals from Sarah Palin Produce Pure Frustration for the Political Press

Sarah Palin poses for a photo with supporters at the Iowa State Fair, Aug. 12. This morning Smitty taunted me via Twitter with a link to Ed Morrissey’s post Monday about the will-she-or-won’t-she question: What’s up with this Sept. 3 Tea Party rally in Indianola, Iowa? Ed makes a good point: Politicians don’t win the […]

CPAC Day 2: Into the Scrum

Rep. Michelle Bachmann was surrounded by autograph-seeking admirers Friday afternoon in the lobby of the Wardman Park Marriott in one of those spontaneous scrums that occur when GOP celebrities show up at the Conservative Political Action Conference.  There is an interesting story behind how I ended up in the midst of the Bachmann scrum. About noon, I […]

Professor on Aborted Babies: ‘I Look at Them Unflinchingly and See Meat’

“I’ve scooped brains out of buckets, I’ve counted dendrites in slices cut from the brains of dead babies. You want to make me back down by trying to inspire revulsion with dead baby pictures? I look at them unflinchingly and see meat. And meat does not frighten me.” – Paul Z. Myers, University of Minnesota […]

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