The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

“Blinded By Delight”

by Smitty With apologies to Springsteen, and admiration for his lyrical density, here is some love for Eric Holder: “Blinded By Delight” Hippies Yippies Drippies and pinheads named Zippy with a Commie zampolit In the dumps with these chumps as the environmentalist pumps his head all full of ‘it With the border in disorder, due […]

Why Is @Allahpundit Surprised?

“Unbelievable,” he says, that the White House press corps is so servile: [Obama's press conference] ran for one hour and six minutes, with 12 different reporters being called on 00 although, notably, not Ed Henry of Fox News — and between them they couldn’t muster one question about the catastrophe that is or the […]

Congratulations On The Little Hammer!

by Smitty Mary Katherine Ham is a mother! Time to roll out the Ray Charles:

Benghazi Strategy: Bureaucratic Twister Until Americans Get Bored, Or Something

by Smitty Per HotAir, the latest position in the Benghazi cover-up is that the “Office of the DNI” is the bad. . .guy. Unclear at this point was whether: The room where the DNI himself sits is haunted, and that some leftover from a Stephen King novel is making random edits to computer files, or […]

“Two Men, A Country In Crisis: You Decide”

by Smitty The tagline works for both West’s race and the presidential one: The entire Democrat party cold be seen as drunk and disorderly, after a fashion. Via Hot Air

Dean: Romney’s Tax Rate “Doesn’t Seem Fair To Ordinary Working People”

by Smitty Howard Dean is almost admirable, in his twisted way, both for trying to push the Administration’s class warfare rhetoric, and then trying to label himself a moderate: Dean eats his party’s crap sandwich argument straight up. Hope that’s tasting good to you, Howard. via Hot Air

Chris Matthews: Pecksniff

by Smitty Via Hot Air, Politico, emphasis mine: “It is obvious that this is something I care passionately about: race was abused by white politicians in my lifetime, including Reagan. For someone to come on the program and deny that this is part of their process, I couldn’t take that,” Matthews said. “This is something […]

HotAir Misses The Larger Point In The Fauquier County Tea Party Protest

by Smitty Mary Katherine Ham has her facts straight about why the protest occurred on 02 August in support of farmers from Paris, Virginia: Farmers and their supporters rallied August 2 at a Board of Zoning Appeals meeting, where Boneta’s lawyer asked for reconsideration. She did not prevail, but the fight’s not over. Fauquier farmers believe […]

Hot Air Hires Mary Katharine Ham Too Late to Prevent My ‘SkirtGate’ Debacle

If I had any sense, I would let this news pass without comment, but if I had any sense I never would have started blogging in the first place, eh? An appetite for risk, however, is one of those reckless habits that endear me to my friends, even those friends who fear to associate too […]

Go Ahead, Blame Me

Ed Morrissey informs us that Tina Korbe is leaving Hot Air to take a job at the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, and I’m sure some people will find some way to say this is somehow my fault. As I explained in February when people were screaming for my scalp: I’ve always liked Tina, had often linked […]

No Bowlder Man Than Dennis Walcott Ever Lived

by Smitty via Hot Air New York City Department of Education Chancellor Dennis Walcott has published a list of 50 words that should be expunged from standardized tests. Let us celebrate bowdlerization with a meditation on why Progressivism is cranial rectalitis at its finest using all 50 words/ideas that Walcott finds objectionable, in what is […]

Notes on an Unfinished Letter of Apology (Or, Does Ed Morrissey Torture Cats?)

“Television, naturally enough, is biased toward compelling visual imagery, and in almost all cases the charms of a human face take precedence over the capabilities of a human voice. It is not essential that a TV newsreader grasp the meaning of what is being reported . . . What is essential is that the viewers […]

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