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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Maryland: The Crazy State

Thursday, I asked that you go hit Jeff Quinton’s tip jar after he was the target of a crazy act of retaliation by disgruntled Maryland Republicans. Jeff has a wife and baby at home and, believe it or not, things got even crazier Friday — and I mean, criminally crazy.  

Hit @JeffQuinton’s Tip Jar, Now

Jackie Wellfonder explains how some wretched young scoundrel evidently tried to blackmail Jeff Quinton in a fight that began over a 2014 Republican primary in Maryland. This is unacceptable. Jeff Quinton is one of my oldest friends in online politics. I knew Jeff via the Internet for more than a decade before I ever met […]

‘Protest,’ Riots, To-may-to, To-mah-to

Jeff Quinton reports a story today with the headline, “Marxists to protest Zimmerman trial verdict in Baltimore.”  This “protest” will involve “activists,” says the Baltimore Sun, which reports that the “The Baltimore People’s Power Assembly” is organizing the riot looting peaceful demonstration, but evidently the Professional Journalist didn’t bother to ask, “Who is The Baltimore People’s Power Assembly”? […]

Finally: Washington Post Covers Death of Woman at Maryland Abortion Clinic… Damn it, @jeffquinton, you forgot the hashtag. #WarOnWomen — Robert Stacy McCain (@rsmccain) February 10, 2013 Friday, I described a complete blackout by the mainstream media in regard to reports that a 29-year-old woman died after a late-term abortion at the clinic of the notorious Dr. LeRoy Carhart. In particular, I called out the Washington Post […]

California Democrat Wants Navy to Name Ship for Gay-Rights Martyr Harvey Milk

Navy Times via the Quinton Report: An upcoming addition to the Navy’s fleet may be the USS Harvey Milk if Rep. Bob Filner, D-Calif., and other San Diego gay rights leaders have their way about it. The GLBT Historic Task Force of San Diego County and Filner sent letters to Navy Secretary Ray Mabus and […]

Jeff Quinton, My Blog Buddy

Waaaay back when, before such a thing as “blogs” existed, back in the day of 3200-baud dial-up modems, when I was still working at a small-town Georgia newspaper, I became an online acquaintance of Jeff Quinton. A native South Carolinian, Jeff always had a nose for news and frequently had the inside scoop on the […]

Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley Is a Stupid, Dishonest and Incompetent Swine

Just printed my boarding pass for Jacksonville, where I’m sure CNN’s lovely and charming Jennifer Scoggins will approve my media credential request for Thursday’s super-awesome Florida Republican debate. (There was an e-mail mix-up earlier, but I’m sure we’ve got that straightened out, right?) Because of scheduling contingencies, I booked my flight to Florida one-way and, […]

Occupy Wall Street Demonstrations Destroy Jobs for New York Cafe Workers

Waiters, cooks, dishwashers, busboys — they’re the 99% whose economic interests the protesters never gave a damn about: Milk Street Cafe, the restaurant whose business dried up in the face of the Occupy Wall Street barricades, is shutting down. . . . Milk Street Cafe’s closure will result in the layoff of 70 workers. That’s on […]

God Bless You, Mary Zenecki!

News from Virginia via Quinton Report: A skeleton, dressed as Santa Claus, nailed to a cross, was torn down by an enraged woman outside of the Loudoun County Courthouse. The display was legally there, with the consent of the county, officials said. Mary Zenecki, a county resident, wasn’t having it. She, piece by piece and […]