The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Quote Of The Half-Decade @TedNugent

by Smitty Bad Ted; bad (emphasis mine): “I do apologize – not necessarily to the President – but on behalf of much better men than myself, like the best governor in America, Gov. Rick Perry, [and] the best attorney general in America, Greg Abbott [of Texas],” Nugent said. “I apologize for using the street fighter […]

Yeah, I’m Sure @Denise_Richards Won’t Have Any Problems With This

Hmmm. @CharlieSheen's 24-year-old porn-star fiancee doesn't like being called "porn star"? — Robert Stacy McCain (@rsmccain) February 17, 2014 So, imagine you’re the ex-wife of Charlie Sheen, the mother of his two young daughters, and your ex-husband just announced plans to marry a 24-year-old performer known for her roles in such “adult” video productions […]

Shirley Temple Black, R.I.P.

Before there was Dance Moms, before the Disney Channel became the incubator of young show-biz talent, there was Shirley Temple: Shirley Temple Black, who as a dimpled, precocious and determined little girl in the 1930s sang and tap-danced her way to a height of Hollywood stardom and worldwide fame that no other child has reached, […]

How @JAMyerson Blamed @SarahPalinUSA for Tucson

While the beatdown on Jesse Myerson’s communist advocacy will continue — compelled by the impersonal forces of history — we can take a brief detour to examine what he wrote after Jared Loughner’s deadly January 2011 shooting spree in Tucson, Arizona. Beyond Blood Libel: A Refudiation of Sarah Palin’s Lone Gunman Theory You can read […]

Hoffman Planned Heroin Binge?

After Sunday’s deliberately unsympathetic notice of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death — millionaire celebrity junkies  don’t qualify for my pity — I hadn’t expected to return to the topic. Once a junkie’s dead, that’s it. Corpses don’t make much news. However, Donald Douglas reports that police found 50 bags of heroin at Hoffman’s apartment, indicating he […]

Amanda Bynes Returns to Sanity?

When the former Nickelodeon starlet had a very public nervous breakdown last year, I feared the worst. The prognosis for chronic schizophrenia — which is what the reported symptoms suggested — is not encouraging. The farther the disorder progresses before the patient gets treatment, the less likely recovery is, and by the time a judge […]

The Needle and the Spoon

I’ve seen a lot of people Who thought they were cool, But then again, Lord, I’ve seen a lot of fools . . . Don’t mess with the needle or a spoon Or any trip to the moon. It’ll take you away. When I was a long-haired freak back in the 1970s, everybody knew heroin […]

‘A Genius in France,’ IYKWIMAITYD

When the rape case against Roman Polanski made headlines a few years ago, the film director’s defenders commonly made the argument that he shouldn’t be judged by his crime because, after all, he was considered a genius in France. As a euphemistic synonym for “celebrity pervert,” A Genius in France applies equally to Woody Allen: […]

Hateful @SarahKSilverman Mocks Christianity in Pro-Abortion Video

The Daily Caller’s Caroline May caught this on Friday: In a 5-minute video for “Lady Parts Justice” — the pro-abortion group she formed last year with Daily Show producer Lizz Winstead — Sarah Silverman pretends that she was visited by Jesus Christ, who told her to spread a pro-abortion message. Also, Jesus gives Silverman an […]

Available: Girlfriend, Slightly Used

Wombat featured this story in his “Live at Five” roundup this morning: Pop starlet Selena Gomez, 21, is on the rebound, looking for a new boyfriend after being dumped by Justin Bieber: “I actually talked to Katy Perry about guys who are intimidated by strong girls. I haven’t found someone yet who could understand my […]

Glenn Beck’s #LGBT Agenda?

My brother Kirby called this afternoon and began the conversation by saying, “You know if that kid in Florida kills himself . . .” Yeah, they’ll blame me. Volunteer Official Scapegoat™ of the Hate Olympics. Someone has to be the conservative who notices things you’re not supposed to notice and says things you’re not supposed […]

Latina Actress Blacklisted for Supporting Republican Candidate

WOW! Cuban-American actress @MariaConchita_A supports GOP candidate in Calfiornia @regularrightguy #tcot — Robert Stacy McCain (@rsmccain) January 18, 2014 If I had ever heard of Maria Conchita Alonzo before now, I don’t remember it, but I know I’ll never forget her after this: A famed actress is facing backlash in San Francisco’s Latino community, […]

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