The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Grabbing the Other End of the Rope

Rush Limbaugh occasionally says, “I don’t need ‘balance.’ I am balance.” That is to say, when all the major institutions of politics, media and culture are dominated by liberalism, the conservative who aims to critique and counterbalance the regnant ethos need not concern himself too much with presenting The Other Side of the Story. As […]

Subway, the Anti-Rush Limbaugh Boycott and the Sad Debacle That Is #UniteBlue

A late lunch with 10-year-old daughter Reagan at Subway today. The entirely negative and destructive agenda of the Left — they hate America, and if you love America, they hate you — has turned its focus to attempting to destroy Rush Limbaugh by boycotting his advertisers. The so-called “Stop Rush” campaign was recently commercialized by […]

Just Another Law-Abiding Citizen of Beautiful Downtown Realville

“Fred, I’m gonna be very honest with you here: People like you are a problem. . . . “You can get mad at me because I’m pointing things out, but you’re just getting mad at fact, and you’re making extrapolations or interpretations that I didn’t make nor intend. I’m not trying to distract anybody. I’m […]

Mega-Dittos, @RushLimbaugh! Credit Where Credit Is Due and More Questions

“So what you had here was a bureaucracy that was intent on making itself look good, and they were playing games with numbers. “So real crimes would be committed by students, not just Trayvon, and rather than being categorized as such they were just pushed over here into another column on the spreadsheet that said […]

Rush Is Right: Media Can’t Hide Their Disappointment Over Zimmerman Trial

The murder trial of George Zimmerman was required only to satisfy the national media demand for it. You may recall that Zimmerman was not initially charged with any crime in connection with the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. But then various civil-rights activists began agitating, and their agitation was echoed and amplified by the national […]

Rush Limbaugh: Still Winning

On Thursday, Professor William Jacobson called attention to evidence that the “Stop Rush” boycott campaign has failed. Meanwhile, one of the leaders of the “Stop Rush” campaign, Matt “Shoq” Edelstein, had his lawyer send a cease-and-desist letter to his ex-girlfriend, who had been saying some unflattering things about Shoq. Shorter @shoq: The First Rule of […]

Stop Putting Out So Much, Ugly Sluts: Science Proves Undeniable Truth #24

Boston ‘Slutwalk’ 2011: Unattractive women chant stupid slogans Instapundit linked a dating study and added this: Interestingly, the more attractive the woman, the fewer sexual partners. You didn’t really need a scientific study to know this, if you’ve been studying feminism as long as I have. Just ask yourself: Why are feminists so angry at […]

The Next 1,460 Days: I Still Hope He Fails

If only more people had listened to Rush Limbaugh . . . My post this morning about how to hate Democrats reminded Andrew J. Patrick of the bitter debate between Jeff Goldstein and Patterico, and Andrew makes a good point: The Democrats did not respond to getting their teeth kicked in by George Bush in […]

E-Mails Expose MSNBC Host’s Involvement in #StopRush Boycott

Krystal Ball will co-host MSNBC’s new show ‘The Cycle’ starting Monday. FROM AN UNDISCLOSED LOCATION MSNBC host Krystal Ball was in close communication with leaders of an online boycott aimed at advertisers on Rush Limbaugh’s popular radio show, e-mails between the boycott leaders indicate. Attempting to discover the identity of an infiltrator in their group, the […]

Recording: Leader of Anti-Limbaugh Effort Brags About Obama Campaign Ties

The head of a boycott effort aimed at radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh boasted in a conference call of his ties to Organizing for American (OFA), President Obama’s re-election campaign. “Randy, I can pick up the phone and call the director of OFA, can you?” Matt Edelstein said during the phone call, berating a Texas […]

Nolte Notion At Breitbart: Ann Romney As Sarah Palin Surrogate

by Smitty From the Well-That-Makes-Inverted-Lefty-Sense Department: Ann Romney stepped into the White House’s line of fire by handling the situation … with absolute perfection. And as she did, let me assure you, Obama’s Media Palace Guards completely freaked out. Welcome to what will surely become “Palin II: The Nuclear Option.” We all remember how John […]

The Corpse Of Trayvon Martin Has Lost Propaganda Value; Fortunately, Sandra Fluke Still Has A Pulse

by Smitty One nearly can empathize with the poor Lefties, seeing that the Trayvon Martin tragedy is moving from simple tragedy to propaganda farce. In the (gang)green spirit of recycling, then, we have Hillary telling Andrea Mitchell; Today, Hillary Clinton told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell in a pre-taped interview that Rush Limbaugh’s comments about Sandra Fluke […]

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