The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Crazy People Are Dangerous

  News from New York: A Long Island woman who claimed she needed to rid her home of “evil” allegedly stabbed a British woman to death after their lunch together, Nassau County police officials said Tuesday. Faye Doomchin, 66, of Great Neck, was charged with second-degree murder for the fatal Monday knifing of the 60-year-old […]

Crazy People Are Dangerous

How many times do I have to repeat this? A “suicidal” airline mechanic stole an empty Horizon Air turboprop plane, took off from Sea-Tac International Airport and was chased by military jets before crashing into a small island in the Puget Sound on Friday night, officials said. Preliminary information suggests the crash occurred because the […]

Democrats: The Party of Hate

Eric Clanton attacked Trump supporters in Berkeley. Once upon a time — perhaps as recently as 2012 — it was possible to assume that Democrats merely disagreed with the rest of America. Through ignorance of economics or misjudgment of foreign-policy issues, perhaps their destructive agenda was an innocent error. This benign interpretation of politics allowed […]

Crazy People Are Dangerous: Democrat Shoots Man After Facebook Quarrel

  News from Florida: A Facebook dispute boiled over into real life on Monday when a Democrat drove over to another man’s home and shot him. Brian Sebring, 44, of Tampa, Florida, was arrested for shooting Alex Stephens, 46, also of Tampa, in the thigh and buttocks after their online disagreement. Police say the row […]

Email to a Lawyer Regarding Deranged Ex-Professor Deborah Frisch, Ph.D.

Deborah Ellen Frisch, Ph.D., after her Jan. 5 arrest in Bend, Oregon. When last we reported on notorious cyberstalker Deborah Frisch, the mentally ill former psychology professor was awaiting sentencing on two felony charges at a hearing scheduled for October in Weld County, Colorado. She had somehow been released on bond, and had immediately resumed […]

Why Is the CIA Hiring Perverts?

  Joshua Adam Schulte studied computer science at the University of Texas, did an internship at the National Security Agency and then got hired as a software engineer by the Central Intelligence Agency. In March 2017, according to federal prosecutors, Schulte was responsible for leaking classified CIA information (“Vault 7) to Wikileaks. In the course […]

‘Gender Equality’ Achieved in Canada

  Saye Skye is a transgender (female-to-male) rapper in Toronto, where the gender equality has “empowered” her to be treated exactly like a man: A quiet afternoon stroll in a west-end park earlier this month turned violent for a Toronto rapper, who says he was attacked by two men and a woman for being transgender. […]

Online Dating Is for Losers and Also Rapists on Coast-to-Coast Crime Sprees

  How many times have I warned against online dating? Not often enough, I guess, because people keep doing it, and some of them end up dead: A man accused of murder, rape and holding a woman captive in a crime spree which stretched from the east to west coasts of the USA used Tinder […]

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