The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Teachers Gone Wild!

New York City public schools don’t discriminate against perverts: More than 100 city teachers, administrators and other school staffers have been caught in the last five years engaging in sexual or “inappropriate” relationships with students, The Post has learned. The special commissioner of investigation for city schools, Richard Condon, has fielded 593 complaints about such […]

Kook Nation: Crazy Lady Who Threw Shoe at Hillary Clinton Is Crazy

The wackos are everywhere nowadays: Before a wig-wearing nutjob threw a shoe at Hillary Clinton, the footwear flinger gave her heart to accused Colorado mass killer James Holmes. Alison Ernst, 36, of Phoenix, was identified Friday as the sneaker-tossing kook who targeted the former First Lady one day earlier during a speech at a Las […]

The Imperfections of Victimhood

Well, this wasn’t a conversation I was planning to have today, but after some Twitter discussion on the Dana McCallum transgender lesbian rape story — it’s like the Rocky Horror Nightly News Show or something — the misunderstanding exceeded what could be accomplished in 140 characters or less. So I said, “I’ll blog it and […]

Transgender Lesbian Dana McCallum Accused of Raping Lesbian Ex-Wife

Accused transgender lesbian rapist Dana McCallum. Maybe this proves the radical feminists right. Even after they get rid of their penises, men are still men and all men are rapists: A prominent advocate for transgender and women’s rights in the tech world has been charged with raping her wife, The San Francisco Examiner has learned. […]

Violent Teenage Tranny Provokes Connecticut Youth Jail Crisis

A 16-year-old boy who wants to be a girl has a history of violently attacking staff at juvenile facilities. After the latest attack, the teenage transsexual was transferred to a prison for young adult offenders, and a variety of activist types have become outraged: Lawyers for the youth who was transferred out of the care […]

Police: Child Welfare Official Exposed Himself to Teenage Girls at Hotel

The victims of this weird crime “were staying at the hotel while attending the Nebraska Family, Career and Community Leaders of America state leadership conference” in Lincoln, Nebraska: A director of a national child welfare center in Washington, D.C., was arrested and jailed Monday night for allegedly exposing himself to four teenage girls in a […]

Lesbian Hockey Coach, 39, Gets Year in Jail for Molesting 15-Year-Old Girl

Lesbian sexual predator Heidi Ferber. Heidi Ferber had competed in hockey all across North America and Europe, but left the sport after suffering too many concussions. In 2010, she became assistant coach to a girls’ hockey team in the Canadian province of British Columbia. The head coach of the team was Alex Petrie, whose daughter […]

Lesbian Sex Crime: Florida Dance Teacher Guilty of Molesting ‘Hot’ 15-Year-Old Girl

Dance teacher Nichol Marie Phelps molested 15-year-old girl. “Why are you so hot?” That’s what dance instructor Nichol Marie Phelps asked her 15-year-old student in March 2012, immediately before pinning the girl against a wall and kissing her. The next day, Phelps sexually molested the girl inside a car in the parking garage of a […]

#RapeCulture: Fourth Boy Says Teacher Told Him: ‘This Stays Between Us’

Meredith Powell: Teacher accused of sex with teen boys. Amid all the feminist “rape culture” lectures about sex on college campuses, I keep noticing stories about women who can’t seem to be happy unless they’ve got a high school boy’s penis in their mouth: A former Tacoma high school math teacher charged with child rape […]

Whatever Happened to ‘Crazy’?

Headline at American Power: Fort Hood Shooter Was Being Treated for Depression The Associated Press reports: Unstable mental health may be a “fundamental, underlying cause” of a soldier’s shooting rampage at Fort Hood that left four people dead, though an argument with another service member likely preceded the attack, according to investigators. Spc. Ivan Lopez […]

‘Highly Intoxicated Vaginal Penetration’: #RapeCulture and Campus Reality

“Both sides agreed that Mr. Gilbert and the victim were at best acquaintances; both sides agreed he entered her room uninvited that night, in a highly intoxicated state, and both sides agreed that he initiated sexual contact which included vaginal penetration with the victim while she was asleep.” – “Joint Statement,” New Hampshire Coalition Against […]

#RapeCulture: Did Anybody Notice This?

Donald Douglas has mentioned how radical feminist Professor Caroline Heldman is stoking “rape culture” paranoia at Occidental College. Meanwhile, the violent oppression of women continues: A Lynwood gang member was sentenced Monday, March 31, to 30 years in federal prison for running a sex-trafficking ring that recruited girls from Inland high schools. Paul Edward Bell, […]

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