The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

‘They Found a Rape Kit in His Car’

Do you think #YesAllWomen will notice stories like this? “The restraining order was granted for a period of three years, this was August 2011. . . . He found me at Dartmouth, at my sorority, he found me at my family’s new home that they moved to. He found me through LinkedIn, Facebook, everything. I […]

Pageant Judge Was Lesbian Predator; Sexually Assaulted Pre-Teen Girl

Lesbian pedophile Charlotte Holl, 25, was convicted of “grooming” and “sexually assaulting” a girl under the age of 13. The British news accounts of her sentencing hearing are strangely vague: A female beauty pageant judge groomed and sexually assaulted a young girl, plying her with cigarettes and alcohol. Charlotte Holl, 25, sent 1,200 texts and […]

Missing Teen Found Alive; Was Kidnapped by ‘Sexual Deviant’

Police say Nathaniel Kibby (left) kidnapped Abigail Hernandez (right). Nobody who knew Nat Kibby was surprised when he was charged with kidnapping teenager Abby Hernandez. Kibby, 34, was a sadistic “sexual deviant” as a teenager. He was expelled from high school after assaulting a girl, and was suspected of phoning in bomb threats to the […]

John Walsh Keeps Nabbing Bad Guys; Molester Killed in NYC Shootout

Charles Mozdir liked little boys: Investigators say they sifted through hundreds of tips in their search for Charles Mozdir, but a phone call they got during CNN’s “The Hunt” with John Walsh helped them crack the case. On Monday, eight days after the show first aired, the 32-year-old suspected sex offender died in a shootout […]

Death by Misadventure

Brooke Slocum (left); Charles Oppenneer (center); Brady Oestrike (right). You meet the creepiest people on Craigslist. That’s probably the only lesson to be learned from the tragic deaths of Brooke Slocum and her boyfriend Charles Oppeeneer. Slocum, 18, was eight months pregnant when Oppenneer posted an ad to Craigslist offering to let other men have […]

Police: Lesbian Molester’s ‘Multiple Acts of Digital Penetration’ of Girl, 8

Allegations of atrocious abuse in New Jersey: A 25-year-old Wharton woman has been accused of sexually assaulting an then-8-year-old girl — as well as punching and kicking the child in the stomach on multiple occasions. Whitney Ball has been charged with one count of first-degree aggravated sexual assault, two counts of second-degree sexual assault, and […]

‘Splatter From an Execution’

Yesterday, reacting to the botched lethal-injection execution of an Arizona murderer, I said: “Bring Back the Firing Squad. . . . It was good enough for Gary Gilmore.” And most people probably thought, “Hahaha. Stacy’s just being sarcastic again.” Well, guess what? A federal appeals court judge had made basically the same argument: “Using drugs […]

Bring Back the Firing Squad

Joseph R. Wood III was 30 when he murdered his ex-girlfriend, Debbie Dietz, 29, and her father, Gene Dietz, 55, in Tucson in 1989. Because our legal system has been encumbered by federal court concessions to the “rights” of murderers, it took 25 years to impose justice on this cowardly hateful killer. Also, because of […]

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