The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Sex Trouble: Feminists Worry That Disney Movies Are Making Girls Heterosexual

Jasmine was a victim of Aladdin’s magic patriarchal carpet. Is your daughter a victim of male oppression? Blame Aladdin – as well as The Little Mermaid, Pocahontas, The Lion King and Toy Story 2. Disney cartoons and other G-rated children’s movies are full of “gendered sexuality,” subjecting women to the male “objectifying gaze,” as “heterosexuality is constructed through hetero-romantic […]

‘Progress’ As Cultural Bulldozer

by Smitty Anthony Daniels, aka Theodore Dalyrmple, speaking at Hillsdale of the lower class in England, emphasis mine: Certainly the notions of dependence and independence have changed. I remember a population that was terrified of falling into dependence on the state, because such dependence, apart from being unpleasant in itself, signified personal failure and humiliation. […]

ZeroHedge: ‘How A Country Dies’

by Smitty Quite a ring of truth about this: 2. The State The State is threatened by a decline. Generally it moves into full pretend mode. Three behavioral traits characterize its behavior. The State must convince citizens: things are not as bad as they seem. the State is not responsible for the situation. the State […]

‘Feminist Lezzy Heaven’

Lea DeLaria in the Netflix series ‘Orange Is the New Black’ “It’s like I’ve died and gone to feminist lezzy heaven. I’ve been a professional lesbian for over 30 years — before that I freelanced — but my entire career has been about that, putting a human face on what a butch is.” – Lea […]

A Tale Of Two Burgers

– Wombat-socho As I mentioned in the previous burger post, one of my objectives in visiting Las Vegas this week was to check out a couple of hamburger joints not found in my Washington DC stomping grounds: the infamous Heart Attack Grill, and the wildly popular In-N-Out Burger. There were also some other suggestions, but […]

Monsters And A Mystery

– compiled by Wombat-socho I confess to having failed the Loyal Readers by not mentioning that I’ve finally gotten around to reading the first two Monster Hunter novels by International Lord of Hate Larry Correia, which were conveniently packaged in The Monster Hunters along with the first one I’d read, Monster Hunter Alpha, which is […]

The Kook Caucus and the Pervert Lobby

The earlier post about @Belle_Knox (Miriam Weeks) elicited an e-mail response from my old college buddy Bert the Samoan Lawyer, who suggests that Ms. Weeks is in need of prayer. Be that as it may, however, Ms. Weeks has quite emphatically rejected any suggestion that she is a “rescue project” in need of assistance. Furthermore, […]

Today’s Ray Of Hope: Harvard Gets A Clue

– Wombat-socho “Despair is a sin.” – J.E.Pournelle This should actually have gone up yesterday, but I spent most of the day waiting for my truck to be worked on and am not much interested in trying to make posts from my cellphone, bolshy great phablet that it is. It’s actually better for having waited […]

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