The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Lesbian Is Now a Fashion Statement, Also: Gender, Identity, Roles and Feminism

The cover of the latest issue of Flare, a Canadian women’s fashion magazine, adds new meaning to the phrase “lesbian chic.” Apparently, “loving ladies and living proud” a la celebrity lesbian Ellen Page is what stylish Canadian women are now expected to do. Stephanie Verge’s feature interview with Page is rather tedious: With a quiver […]

White Guilt Passes Its Expiration Date

Some things are predictable to observant students of human nature. There is a Newtonian principle of equal and opposite reactions in social, political and cultural trends. After the radical anti-war protests and bohemian lifestyle experimentation of the 1960s — LSD, campus sit-in demonstrations, psychedelic rock, hippie communes and meditation gurus — a discernible backlash took […]

Self-Awareness, @AmandaMarcotte? Irony? Some Logical Coherence, Perhaps?

Amanda Marcotte is one of the most wicked people in America today. Her bloodthirsty enthusiasm for abortion is such that she does not hesitate to imagine aborting her own hypothetical offspring: “I don’t want a baby. . . . Nothing will make me want a baby. . . . This is why, if my birth […]

Silly Ex-SECDEF Thinks He Has The Right To A Coherent Tax System

by Smitty Mr. Rumsfeld, sir: The dry sarcasm of your recent open letter to the IRS, while exquisite, reveals naïveté about what has happened to our country the last century. This is somewhat ironic, given you spent a good chunk of the last ~50 years shaping those events. We no longer begin with the individual […]

Ersatz Children

by Smitty “More young women choosing dogs over motherhood” reads the NY Post headline. Sure, this is a part of our Postmodern, “____ as a social construct” culture. Yes, it has a veneer of plausibility, because it’s pushed in the media. But it’s dreck. Must we even say this? These are pets, not children. Blurring […]

Sixties Flashback: ‘Hey, Hey, LBJ! How Many Kids Did You Kill Today?’

That was one of the slogans chanted by anti-Vietnam War radicals at protests circa 1967-68. Another one was, “Ho! Ho! Ho Chi Minh! The NLF is gonna win!” NLF was the National Liberation Front, otherwise known as the Vietcong, so that the Left was cheering for terrorists long before 9/11 and the Bush-era madness of […]

Old Testament Passages Come To Mind

by Smitty And the development I’m referring to isn’t the broadening support for same-sex marriage, which a clear majority of Americans now favor. No, I’m referring to the fact that in a great many circles, endorsement of same-sex marriage has rather suddenly become nonnegotiable. Expected. Assumed. Proof of a baseline level of enlightenment and humanity. […]

Why Damon Linker Is Wrong To Say That Christianity Demands Pacifism

by Smitty Now, as a retired veteran, I’ll come under accusation of rationalizing my actions. Fair enough. But there is a simple explanation for why, according to Linker’s subtitle, “In the teachings of Christ, there is no endorsement of a just war”: Christianity is about the individual; war is about nations. Thus, what we have […]

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