The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

The Renegade Jesse Myerson

Jesse Myerson (@JAMyerson) in a March 2012 cable TV appearance. “Dictatorship is rule based directly upon force and unrestricted by any laws. “The revolutionary dictatorship of the proletariat is rule won and maintained by the use of violence by the proletariat against the bourgeoisie, rule that is unrestricted by any laws. . . . “One […]

The Glorious All-American Hamburger

– compiled by Wombat-socho Inspired by Bryan Preston’s article on the Burger Wars in Austin, I thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of decent burger joints in the Washington, DC area, especially with CPAC less than a month away. I’ve rated the various burger restaurants on a scale of 1-5 […]

‘A Genius in France,’ IYKWIMAITYD

When the rape case against Roman Polanski made headlines a few years ago, the film director’s defenders commonly made the argument that he shouldn’t be judged by his crime because, after all, he was considered a genius in France. As a euphemistic synonym for “celebrity pervert,” A Genius in France applies equally to Woody Allen: […]

The Pervert Rights Movement

In the 21st century, the rights of decent law-abiding citizens must always yield to the rights of freaks and weirdos. That’s the lesson in the Chicago suburb of Orland Park, Illinois, where the local public library considers it their duty to provide perverts access to Internet pornography at taxpayer expense. There have been reports of […]

Hard To Remember The Last Time I Was Excited By A Privacy Policy

by Smitty The colonoscopy went well enough today, which you may not care about too much. After the week of intestinal issues around Thanksgiving time, it seemed prudent. Especially given that you never know where the ObamaCare wrecking ball will swing next. Typically, reading a software license or a privacy policy is right up there […]

As Though CNN Knows Christianity

by Smitty Missed this last April: Survey: Young Christians want marijuana legalized: Thirty-two percent of Christian’s aged 18-29 said they “strongly favor” legalization, while 18% said they “favor” the move, according to a Public Religion Research Institute survey released Thursday. Among Christian’s 65 and older, only 9% said they strongly favor legalization and 47% say […]

Radical Despair

My young Nietzschean friend Richard Spencer was at Duke University during the lacrosse debacle, and it is therefore easy to understand why he long ago abandoned hope in Politics As We Know It. Spencer founded the Alternative Right in 2010, and there are a few other familiar names — Vox Day, Steve Sailer, John Derbyshire […]

Thank You, Lena Dunham

by Smitty Via Drudge comes this outburst of brilliance, emphasis mine, in response to the question “I don’t get the purpose of all the nudity on the show. . .”: In the moment, Dunham herself spoke clearly about her position on the nudity [in Girls], saying it is “a realistic expression of what it’s like […]

Elegant Reporting in Appalachia

Kevin D. Williamson of National Review traveled to Appalachia — his dateline is Owsley County, Ky. — to write about the kind of poverty no liberal ever describes as “social injustice”: If the people here weren’t 98.5 percent white, we’d call it a reservation. Williamson’s article is not merely good reporting, but it is also […]

Success Is Its Own Defense

If something works, it works. To intellectuals, however, theory takes precedence over practice and ideological abstractions like “equality” are more important than actual success and happiness. So in the wake of their failure to destroy “Duck Dynasty” because of patriarch Phil Robertson’s alleged homophobia, now the Left has its collective panties in a bunch because, in […]

Keep The Resistance Alive

by Smitty Instapundit points to Fox’s article: “Popularity of ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ plates in Virginia suggests Tea Party still strong“: “It is a symbol of frustration … a symbol of disgust with the government,” David Dwyer, a former Hampton Roads Tea Party chairman, told the newspaper. The sales figures for the “Don’t Tread on […]

Are You Ready for BBW Barbie?

They should call her “Belinda,” because all girls named “Belinda” are fat. There — that’s the only joke I have for this story: A controversy is brewing over a request to remake Barbie in way contrary to the iconic image so many girls knew growing up. is suggesting Mattel create a plus-size Barbie. While […]

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