The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Quotable Jonah

by Smitty What I find interesting is that many of the same people who clutch their pearls at the mere suggestion that Islamic terrorism has anything to do with — oh, what’s the word again? — oh right: Islam, seem to have no problem making the case that “Christian terrorism” is like a real thing. […]

Saluting Brandon Morse’s Valiant Struggle With Testosterone-Driven Guilt

by Smitty An excellent piece sending up the abject, slack-jawed idiocy of our morally degenerate Left: It started innocently enough. The local university was holding seminars about the gender wage gap, and Gwendalin was a guest speaker. Her feminine wisdom is beyond my comprehension. Naturally, I attended, not only to support my partner, but to […]

A Transformative Figure Could Offer New Hope. Such A Figure, If Found, Would Require The Power Of Jesus, Though.

by Smitty Just another installment in the occasional “Ain’t it funny when they reject the truth and everything comes up false?” series. Via Instapundit, has “The decline of the French intellectual” For a snippet: The disintegration of Marxism in the late 20th century left a void which was filled only by postmodernism. But the […]

Romans Had Slavery, So I Guess The Roman Alphabet Requires Replacement

by Smitty Via Instapundit, it sounds like some people at his university may be smoking mother nature: University of Tennessee tells staff and students to stop using ‘he’ and ‘she’ – and switch to ‘xe’, ‘zir’ and ‘xyr’ instead What’s blatantly obvious to even the most casual observer is that a certain “gay rights official […]

Forgiving Sally Kohn

by Smitty Will anti-gay Christians be politically and socially ostracized? I sure hope so. Just as those orthodox Christians who still believe in strict, traditional gender roles have been increasingly mocked as absurd. Once upon a time, marriage constituted property—the wife was the literal property of the husband, and could not legally let alone culturally […]

Let’s Bring Back Guilt and Shame

“I was twelve when I discovered porn.” So begins “How I Came Out: Part 2 – My Bisexual Awakening” by Kaitlyn, a 22-year-old graduate of Pacific Lutheran University. Please stop laughing long enough to think about this. Remember when “coming out” meant someone was actually, y’know, gay? What’s the point of “coming out” as bisexual? If […]

You Want To Whine About Being Offended?
Here, Let Me Give You Something To Whine About

— by Wombat-socho Apropos of Stacy’s post on the attempt to shove the Confederate flag down the memory hole, Michael Z. Williamson and his friends have some suggestions for a replacement flag guaranteed to offend just about everybody, but especially the members of the pro-slavery, pro-segregation Democratic party. Also, some clever fellow has introduced a […]

A Dangerous Precedent

The rush to ban display and sale of the Confederate flag in the wake of last week’s shooting in Charleston should cause concern for any person intelligent enough to understand how such precedents, once established, are often used to justify further aggression by Cultural Marxists. They often argue by analogy, saying This Offensive Thing is […]

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