The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Lenient Drug Policy Yields Bad Result

If only cops in Radnor, Illinois, had sent teenage dopehead @nytdavidbrooks to prison, where he belongs … — Robert Stacy McCain (@rsmccain) January 3, 2014 David Brooks confessed in a New York Times column that he was a high-school stoner, by way of arguing against the legalization of marijuana. One of his erstwhile dope buddies […]

‘Patriotic Progressivism’, The Moron’s Oxymoron

by Smitty Begins beta-male Brooks: The best Inaugural Addresses make an argument for something. President Obama’s second one, which surely has to rank among the best of the past half-century, makes an argument for a pragmatic and patriotic progressivism. This country remains founded upon individual liberty. That a pack of liars over the last century […]

David Brooks: ‘You Know Who Has Some Sharp Pants Creases? Mitt Romney!’

The NYT’s token Republican columnist loves him some Mittens: Over the past several months, Mitt Romney has been an excellent presidential candidate. He has performed superbly in the debates. He has outorganized his rivals. He has relentlessly stayed on his core theme of putting Americans back to work. He has taken Rick Perry apart with a […]

He Made It to the Third Sentence

David Brooks wrote two sentences before he lost me: Over the past months, Republicans enjoyed enormous advantages. Opinion polls showed that voters are eager to reduce the federal debt, and they want to do it mostly but not entirely through spending cuts. There was a Democratic president eager to move to the center. Right. Obama […]

‘Coulter, She’s Just a Show Person’

So says notorious scoundrel David Brooks (skip to 4:23): The last time I saw Brooks at an event where he had been invited to speak, I quietly walked out of the room, hoping no one noticed the pulsing veins in my neck and forehead as I struggled to resist a sudden urge to charge the […]

BREAKING: David Brooks Is a Douchebag

This news is perhaps not shocking to regular readers of the New York Times‘ token “conservative” columnist, but if we ever needed smoking-gun proof, his column today is like RINO fingerprints covered with country-club DNA: I’m registering a protest because for someone of my Hamiltonian/National Greatness perspective, the two parties contesting this election are unusually […]

T-Paw Gets the Kiss of Death

David Brooks lumps Tim Pawlenty in with Jon Huntsman and Mitt Romney and says, “I think it’s going to be one of those three.” You noticed whom Brooks didn’t mention, right? Herman Cain.

Credit Where Due: David Brooks Put It Well On Maher

by Smitty While this blog is normally unafraid to deliver the napalm shower for David Brooks, it would be ungracious not to give him a shout for this bit on Maher’s show. Props to NewsBusters for staring into that abdominal wound Maher calls a show: MAHER: Their confidence is off the chart. If I had […]

David Brooks, Brutally Spanked

My apologies for neglecting my regular “David Brooks Fisking Day” duties for several months. Perhaps I’ll have to start outsourcing this task. The NYT’s house “conservative” has published a pretentious new book, The Social Animal, which gets completely dismantled by Will Wilkinson at Forbes: Brooks supplies neither drama, high emotion, nor the mindbending metaphysics of aging without […]

Keynesianism and David Brooks

Now that the election is over, we can return to our regular blogging schedule, and Tuesday is David Brooks Fisking Day hereabouts. Interestingly, Brooks isn’t half-bad today, as he mocks the presumptions of the neo-Keynesian consensus: The economic approach embraced by the most prominent liberals over the past few years is mostly mechanical. The economy […]

Bring Me the Head of David Brooks

No one — not David Frum, not Conor Friedersdorf, not even Charles Johnson — has been the source of more genuine evil in American politics than David Brooks. His 1997 paean to big government Republicanism, “A Return to National Greatness,” was a blueprint for the abandonment of Reaganite principles. “National Greatness” was sort of a Protocols of […]

The Hallucinogenic Effects of Centrism: ‘WTF Is David Brooks Smoking?’

That’s Dan Riehl’s reaction to the latest eruption of elitist idiocy from the “conservative” New York Times columnist: Let’s imagine a character named Ben. A couple of decades ago, Ben went to high school. It wasn’t easy. His parents were splitting up. His friends would cut class to smoke weed. His sister got pregnant. But Ben […]

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