The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Some Stereotypes Are True

One of the favorite pastimes of liberals is lecturing the rest of us about how ignorant we are. Every common-sense belief about human nature is a “myth,” liberals say, and any generalization about various human traits and patterns of behaviors is a prejudicial “stereotype.” These accusations of ignorance and prejudice are, in fact, a form […]

Women’s Studies Professor Accuses Trump Supporters of ‘Terrorism’

  Donald Trump’s supporters are not “equal” to Democrats, a University of New Hampshire professor said in a Facebook post blaming Republicans for “terrorism” against women, gays and minorities. Professor Siobhan Senier, a member of the core faculty of the UNH Women’s Studies program, criticized Trump supporters in a message to university officials demanding punishment […]

Rape Hoax at University of Alabama

  Feminists keep telling us college girls never lie about rape: A University of Alabama student who claimed to have been raped [Nov. 13] by two men was not attacked, authorities said [Nov. 18]. The student, 18-year-old Emma Mannion, made up the incident and now is under arrest, said Tuscaloosa County Metro Homicide Capt. Gary […]

Police Took Professor @KevinAllred to Psychiatric Ward After Twitter Rant

Police took Kevin Allred to Bellevue Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation Tuesday night after the Rutgers University instructor ranted on Twitter about shooting “random white people.” Allred, who teaches Women’s and Gender Studies at Rutgers, was released after his evaluation, which was prompted when a student expressed concern to university officials, a Rutgers spokesman told […]

Yes, @kmo75947, Feminists Do Hate Men

  Kelsey Mo (@kmo75947 on Twitter) is a student in the Barrett honors college program at Arizona State University, where she is enrolled in the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. She decided to clear up a “misconception” about her radical ideology: I walked along the street on my way to a Barrett, […]

Parents: Warn Your Children Not to Apply to George Mason University

GMU admissions officer Andrew Bunting hates Republicans. George Mason University’s admissions office is staffed by intolerant Democrats who hate anyone who disagrees with them: On his public Facebook page, GMU’s Senior Assistant Director of Admissions Andrew Bunting claimed he is fearful of Donald Trump’s presidency because the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), a group that […]

At Yale University, Special Snowflakes™ Are Traumatized by Republican Victory

“I cannot even function right now. As a queer, black woman, I feel unsafe in this country.” — Isis Davis-Marks, Yale sophomore We must remember, at moments like these, that Yale University began as a school to train puritan (Congregationalist) clergy, and that among Yale’s most eminent early graduates was Jonathan Edwards, historically famous for […]

$3,000,000: Federal Jury Punishes Rolling Stone for UVA Rape Hoax Story

Journalistic malpractice with “actual malice”: CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — A federal jury on Monday ordered Rolling Stone and one of its writers to pay $3 million in damages to a University of Virginia administrator over a discredited article two years ago about a supposed gang rape at the university. The jury in Charlottesville, Va., had already […]

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