The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Departing from Logan: Live Free or …

“There was never enough time. Every deadline was a crisis. All around me were experienced professional journalists meeting deadlines far more frequent than mine, but I was never able to learn from their example.” – Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail ’72 BOSTON LOGAN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Pete Da Tech Guy woke […]

NEW HAMPSHIRE PRIMARY HQ UPDATE: Romney Wins; Ron Paul Second; Huntsman Third; Gingrich, Santorum Fight for Fourth Place

MANCHESTER, N.H. UPDATE 10:30 p.m. ET: Rick Santorum concluded his speech here by shouting, “On to South Carolina!” Indeed. But first, I’ve got a deadline for The American Spectator, and then there are friends awaiting my arrival at the bar at the Radisson Hotel. After that, I’ve got a 12:30 p.m. Wednesday flight out of Boston’s Logan […]

Maybe This Explains My Problem

“Anyone who follows psychiatry has noticed that the field is now in the midst of a debate that galvanizes its members every 10 to 20 years. At the center of the hubbub is psychiatry’s most sacred text: the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. . . . “If you turn to page 898 of […]

Ron Paul and the ‘Not Romneys’

“There are many mysteries to the phenomenon that is Ron Paul. How is it, for example, that a 76-year-old with a reedy voice — his appearance and manner not remotely “presidential” by the usual standards of the TV age — is an idol to so many youth? Polls in Iowa showed that Paul got 48 […]

Rick Santorum Dodges an Issue?

HOLLIS, N.H. Last night was probably the toughest night for me since I’ve been on the campaign trail. Why? Because I was on deadline in Manchester, while my four sons were at home watching our beloved University of Alabama Crimson Tide play for the national championship against . . . Well, some inferior third-rate trade […]

Among the Paulistas in New Hampshire

HOLLIS, N.H. The Only Man Who Can Save American Liberty™ — as he is regarded by his famously fanatical supporters — appeared today at the Lawrence Barn here, and I was pleased to discover that one of Lisa Graas‘s Twitter friends, “TradiCatholic,” was among the Paulistas in attendance. And I explained to her that, unlike […]

Ron Paul Campaign Flyer Emphasizes Opposition to Gay Marriage, Abortion

HOLLIS, N.H. Ron Paul has won many converts in New Hampshire with his libertarian-influenced anti-war message, but a flyer circulated by the Texas congressman’s campaign here emphasizes Paul’s Christian faith, pro-life position and opposition to same-sex marriage. “I believe marriage is between one man and one woman,” the flyer quotes Paul as saying, expressing his […]

Media Mayhem in the Granite State

HOLLIS, N.H. Saturday night in Manchester was a total media schmoozefest, and I had the opportunity to talk to Mickey Kaus, whose re-Tweet by Alyssa Milano inspired my own long quest for a similar honor. (“They Said It Couldn’t Be Done …”) Just returned from a Ron Paul event here, the start of a long […]

Bitter Fruits of a Bitter Seed: Envy, Feminism, Maureen and Meghan

HOLLIS, N.H. Time constraints have improved my ability to ignore Maureen Dowd. Many months now often elapse between my ever bothering to notice anything she’s written. Today, however, Pete Da Tech Guy called my attention to Ms. Dowd’s unseemly assault on Rick Santorum’s family. And then Pete sat down and wrote a rather stunning contrast […]

Sunday Morning Coming Down in New Hampshire ‘Meet the Depressed’ Debate

HOLLIS, N.H. After my late night guzzling beer consulting with key sources at the Radisson Hotel bar last night, I slept in this morning at the home of Mike Rogers of Granite Grok, missing the “Meet the Press” debate. Mike’s got it TiVo’d for my later examination, but initial accounts indicate it was far more […]


MANCHESTER, N.H. The Triumphant Victory of Rick Santorum™ was not acknowledged here at RINOCon — as I’ve dubbed the National Review Romney GroupHugFest — and that’s OK. We don’t expect these elite snobs to recognize such things. Think about this: Santorum is the hot new “Not Romney” candidate and yet he was not attacked during […]


22:40 EST Perry: if not here, I’d be at a shooting range. Newt, Rick, Mitt: watching football. Paul: I’d put the family to bed and study an economic textbook. Huntsman: talking to my two sons in the Navy. Thus far: The two Texans are not looking strong. Huntsman looks comfortable, but Mitt, Newt, and Santorum […]

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